Beach and Swim Clubs in Fairfield County, CT

While I’m not one to excessively plan the summer, I love to have a great destination where the kids and I can go hang out during the day. And now that my youngest is five (gulp), I’m looking into some local beach and lake clubs in Fairfield County. Discovery # 1: this isn’t going to be cheap.  But I still think it warrants consideration, and some clubs are more reasonably priced than others.

Preschool Picks in Fairfield County, Connecticut

Preschool. How could something so full of fun and games be so, so, so agonizingly difficult to select?!  Surely, there was a time when it was either 'the one around the corner,' or that 'Montessori one across town'. No more. The Montessori approach has been joined by Bank Street, Project Approach, and Reggio Emilia (and no doubt, others I've never heard of). There's also a wide range in cost. And scheduling. And wait for it…admissions requirements. There are easily hundreds, if not thousands of options for preschool in Fairfield County. Mommy Poppins and her friends have, at least, HEARD good things about the following preschools, or have children enrolled in them. Surely, we've missed some good ones, so please jump into the conversation and let us know where they are (especially you city dwellers out there - Stamford, Norwalk, Bridgeport)!

Bake-Your-Own Workshops, Classes, and Camps in CT

I have a four year and she loves cookies. Sugar, chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin: she doesn’t discriminate. She loves them all. So naturally, she absolutely loves visiting a bake-your-own workshop like The Cookie Workshop in Trumbull.  We've rounded up a list of sweet spots to bake with your kiddos across the state that they will absolutely love.  And you'll absolutely love not having to clean up one single sprinkle. It's a win-win.

Great Guided Spring Hikes in Fairfield County

Now it's spring, and even though it's a delightful time to explore some of Fairfield County's fabulous parks and nature spaces, my kids seem to need a little convincing to leave the house.

But it turns out that a guided hike is just the ticket. It gives us an agenda and a goal, but someone besides me does all the planning. All we need to do is show up (and, in some cases, preregister). You can go for a stroll with the family pooch or look for amphibians in a vernal pool. We've rounded up  some fun-filled family hikes in Fairfield County, many of which are FREE. For more ways to enjoy the springtime check out our CT Spring Fun Guide.

Fairfield County Drive Thru's That Can Change Your Life

Before children, I would mock those parents who sat in their car waiting in the drive-through line at Starbucks. While I had the luxury of walking right up to the counter and ordering my foamed caffeinated beverage, they would sit in their cars and wait. On the way out, I would walk by and smugly think “beat ya”, to myself while they still waited in their cars. 

My, how times have changed. Nowadays, if there is a drive-thru within a ten mile radius I will drive to it. When the nurse asked me which pharmacy I use, I automatically chimed “CVS, the one on Willard. You know, the one with the drive-thru”. Drive-thru dry cleaning? Sign me up! Stuck in the car during nap time? Curbside delivery it is!  Thankfully, Fairfield County has its fair share of drive-thru, drive-in, and delivery establishments that go beyond Dunkin Donuts and McDonalds. 

15 Great Things to Do in Fairfield County This Spring

I'm writing this while I wait to hear whether my kids' school will preemptively call a snow day ahead of the 6+ inches of snow currently forecast to fall tomorrow, so I will confess that I'm not entirely in a springtime frame of mind. Yet. But as I flip through the camera roll of last springtime adventures for inspiration, I'm recalling some uniquely Connecticut spring fun from bucolic ice cream stands to melodious evening hikes to marine life cruises. Below you'll find a list of some wonderful things to do in Fairfield County this spring – and whether you’re wearing mittens or flip flops, we bet you'll have a blast!

FREE Museum Days in the Fairfield and New Haven Area

A host of museums in Fairfield County and New Haven County offer free admission on certain days of the month or promote free admission all the time for young kids. Check out the latest exhibit at the Aldrich, see a classic at Yale Peabody, or something from the bronze age at Fairfield University. Best part is that you can do it for free during their free admission times in these Fairfield County and New Haven area museums. 

Springtime Visits to Baby Farm Animals in Fairfield County

Pretty much everything farm related makes me sneeze.  And itch.  And cough.  But in spite of my immune system's obvious distaste for all things farm related, I cannot help it…I love visiting area farms this time of year to see all the new, ADORABLE, animals that have been born.  And I'm guessing I'm not the only one!  Pick a beautiful day, and head out to visit some of Fairfield County’s newest -- and furriest -- residents at some of the following locations. And for more springtime fun check out our Mommy Poppins Spring Guide. 

Best Old School Arcades in Connecticut

Confession: The day my kids and I walked into an arcade with a giant-sized Space Invaders game, I may or may not have raced them to the token machine. There's just something about the flash and buzz of a good arcade that throws me right back to when I was a kid with a fist full of quarters. These days I hand off all my skee ball tickets to my kids, but I still get a thrill out of watching them pour out of the machines. I get an even bigger thrill watching my kids dart around like...well, like kids in an arcade! With winter still very much upon us, the season is just right for some indoor fun. Read on for a roundup of some of the best spots to get your game on in Connecticut.


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