A Visit to Boothe Memorial Park and Museum

I've been to Boothe Memorial Park in Stratford a few times, and only one word comes to mind to explain it: quirky.  If you're interested in Americana, it's here. Architecture, here.  Railroads, here.  Genealogy?  Yep, it's here.  There's even an observatory on the grounds.  Oh, and a chicken house.  And a HAM radio club.  I'll stop there for now.  And while the 32-acre property is inundated with curiosity-filled buildings, there is also LOTS of room for young ones to roam.  Massive grassy hills shaded by 100-year-old oaks practically beg for someone to roll down them. 

Fairfield County Kids Go Aerial at Indoor Play Spaces

Jumping and somersaulting through the air is serious fun. Whether your kid is three or thirteen, there's no better way to keep them from bouncing off the walls than letting them bounce off the walls at a trampoline park or indoor playscape. Planning a birthday party? Looking for a rainy day activity? Or just hoping to burn off some of that energy? Check out some of our favorite Fairfield County indoor play spaces. For even more indoor fun check out our Connecticut Indoor Play Guide.

Tool Museum, Glass House, Waveny Park: 25 Things to Do in New Canaan

New Canaan. Quintessentially New England. Classically Connecticut. Known for it's famed Harvard Five architecture, postcard perfect New England landscape and quaint downtown in Fairfield County, New Canaan offers plenty to see and do year round. With a Norman Rockwell inspired Holiday Stroll not to be missed, family-friendly outdoor summer theater performances and no shortage of green space, this small city nestled in the Southwest corner of the state is teeming with kid stuff. Here are our picks for kid friendly destinations and activities in New Canaan:

Get Artsy at One of These Fairfield County Museums

Kids and museums. The two don't always go together like PB & J. Many museums are too quiet, too formal and quite frankly, too stuffy, particularly for a three year old. That being said, there are quite a few great museums that actually cater to children with innovative, hands-on programming designed specifically for kids. From helicopters to Colonial Connecticut to modern art, Fairfield County has many first-class museums featuring history and the arts. Most of our museums are also small, easily accessible and extremely family-friendly. Here's a round up of our favorites:

6 Fairfield County Libraries You Don't Want to Miss

Did you know: With your hometown library card and form of ID, Connecticut residents can check out books from public libraries statewide? And libraries are MUCH more than books these days! My kids basically think librarians are superheroes: they can put together a midnight Harry Potter book launch in a single bound! And another bonus, don't forget: libraries are FREE. So what else do you need as a perfect excuse to pile the kids in the car and set the GPS for a library destination less known? We've rounded up some of our favorite libraries that stand out from the pack (though really, we love ALL libraries!) While you are out and about, make a stop at some of our other recommended free and inexpensive destinations in Fairfield County

Art Classes for Kids in Fairfield County

I have a love-hate relationship with children's art. On the one hand, I love decorating the house with my children's paintings, sculptures, and photographs; on the other hand, I just can't bear the mess of the creative process, especially when it involves glitter!

Here are some great places in Fairfield County where your young artists can create masterpieces without trashing your house: (and for more after-school ideas check out our guide.)

Hibachi Dining with Kids: Japanese Restaurants in CT

First, the bad news: Benihana has not yet found its way to Connecticut. If you're unfamiliar with this giant among hibachi joints, you don't know what you're missing. But the good news is there are still a bunch of great places to find hibachi (also known as Teppanyaki) around Connecticut. I'll be honest, the first time we took my daughter to a hibachi restaurant, she jumped out of her seat and hid under the table as soon as the flames ignited. It has been many years since then and these days she asks to go. While hibachi may be a bit much if you have very little littles or just kids who tend to be more anxious, it can also be a really fun family experience. You'll know whether it's right for you. If so, here are some of the hibachi hot spots around our great state! 

Fairfield County Letterbox Trails for Kids

So maybe you've heard about it but you're still not really sure. What is letterboxing anyway? Well to start, it is really like the ultimate scavenger hunt. You are given a set of clues and then you head out into the woods and go on a hunt in search of secret hidden stamps in the forest. Sound fun? That's because it is! Even my three year old is a letterboxing-enthusiast.

This fun family adventure is great for all ages and for all cities located across the country. There are about 90,000 active letterboxes hidden in North America alone. So what exactly is a letterbox? Letterboxes are small weatherproof boxes that typically contain a hand-carved rubber stamp, a log-book to keep a record of visitors, and occasionally an ink pad. Letterboxer's will leave an imprint of their own personal stamp in the letterbox's log book. We've rounded up six kid-friendly letterbox trails in Fairfield County. Happy Trails.

Where Kids Can Get Their Minecraft on in Fairfield County

There's no other way to say it: my 9-year-old is obsessed with Minecraft. OBSESSED. He plays the game on computer, iPad, or Xbox, depending on his companions. He watches the YouTube videos (carefully curated by me, of course). He wears the T-shirts. He reads the books (there are a surprising number of them, both fiction and nonfiction).

Admittedly, sometimes we struggle with screen-time boundaries, so I've been looking for ways that he can play Minecraft productively—or at least collaboratively—to keep us both happy. There are lots of educational Minecraft opportunities in Fairfield County. Many libraries offer free Minecraft clubs (though children are usually required to bring their own laptops), and some camps have themed sessions, too. For other after school and enrichment choices check out our Classes and Enrichment Guide.

Tween Birthday Parties in Fairfield County

Just when I thought I had figured out the mysteries of kids birthday parties--the places to go for cupcakes or ice cream cakes and what to do about favors and how to handle the invites--my son turned 10 and decided that all of our heretofore well loved birthday venues were now "for little kids." Fortunately, I had enough advanced warning that I was able to do some research and turn up an impressive range of options for tweens right here in Fairfield County. Here are some of our favorites:


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