Chinese Language Classes for Kids in Fairfield County

You can practically say Sayonara to Spanish.  With the Chinese economy on a seemingly unending rise, Mandarin is the second language of choice for many mamas looking to broaden their babies' horizons.  There are schools across Fairfield County, for children as young as 18 months, and at a range of price points.  They all attempt to weave a considerable amount of Chinese culture into their courses, too -- Ni Hao Kai-Lan ain't gonna cut it after this! For more classes, check out our comprehensive class guide

Outdoor Museums in Fairfield County

Feel like you've seen and done it all in Fairfield County?  How about the outdoor museums?  Outdoor what? I  know. I hadn't really heard of such a thing either, but they're here. They're also a great way to pass the day without having to go the full-on Day Trip route. On top of that, many won't cost you like a regular museum. So here you go, several spots to learn a little something while enjoying the great outdoors with your kids.

Best Mountains to Climb With Kids in Connecticut

Have you ever planned a perfect day of hiking with the kiddos only to hear whines ranging from “I’m bored,” to, “I have to go to the bathroom,” to, “Are we there yet?” I have definitely been there and feel your pain. You’ve packed the perfect picnic lunch to be enjoyed alongside a babbling brook after you’ve spent your morning becoming one with nature but your kids have lost interest after finishing their Nature Valley granola bar 10 minutes into the hike. Sigh.

Well, have you considered climbing a mountain? We have rounded up some hikes across the state that are sure to keep the kid’s interest as you scale mountain tops, discover giants, castles, and maybe a hobbit house or two.

Get Crafty at These After School Art Classes in Fairfield County

Art.  So simple.  Yet, impossible to define.  What I will say is, it can be the antidote to the stresses of an uber-busy Fairfield County kid.  Yes, they need to do their homework, practice their gymnastics and/or hockey, learn the piano, attend swimming lessons, and hey, master computer coding, but what about an after-school activity that's theirs to make and mold?  There are art classes on everything from anime to weaving available, and you can enroll in a short session, or one that lasts all semester. 

Self Esteem, Bullying and Social Skills Classes for Kids in CT

I can hardly believe it, but my oldest child is starting middle school this fall.  How has this happened?  Now, my daughter is super excited, but I’m a little nervous – middle schoolers, as we all know, can be a tough crowd. Especially to those of us who were lucky enough to be sporting Coke bottle glasses, braces, and orthopedic shoes (thanks, Mom…)

The good news is that, while middle school is undoubtedly full of the same angst ridden pre-teens and bullies as it was 20 years ago, parents and teachers are much more aware of the social dynamic amongst the students.  In fact, Fairfield County has mandated a great deal of anti-bullying initiatives within the public schools.

Like many other parents, I want to make sure that my child is neither being bullied, nor bullying anyone else.  To that end, I’ve been looking into local Fairfield County classes, workshops, and programs that might provide some positive messaging and friendship navigation assistance to pre teens and teenagers.  Check out the ones I've found, or take a look at our complete guide to classes in Connecticut.

Where to Take Gymnastics Classes in Fairfield County

Who among us was not inspired by the Final Five (or, for the parental set, by the age-defying Oksana Chusovitina) in Rio? My daughter hung up her leotard long ago, but I couldn't help but smile when I saw her walking on the curb as if it were a balance beam and flashing her best Simone Biles-like grin.

Happily, there are many programs in Fairfield County that offer gymnastics at all levels, from elite competitive teams to Mommy and Me recreational classes for children as young as 12 months. Be sure to check out our complete guide to classes in Fairfield County, CT.

Paint Your Own Pottery Places for Connecticut Kids

Now and then you need just a really good, crafty indoor activity with the kiddos. In winter, after we’ve skated indoors and outdoorssledded, and tried winter sports, we are ready to head inside. The same is true for summer days! After hours of fishing, kayaking and hiking, my kids are ready for some good hands-on craft time. Even with a list of great indoor play places, sometimes the kids need an activity that's a little more relaxing. For this, any of the numerous paint your own pottery studios in the Hartford area or Fairfield County area fit the bill.

"Light the Way" Lighthouse Art Exhibit Street Stroll

My kids love art (and walking) so what could be better than a stroll this summer down Main Street in Stratford to check out the 20 lighthouse sculptures in the "Stratford Light the Way" art exhibit? This is Stratford's second street art exhibit, following on its popular "Share a Chair" art benches in 2015. This summer, Main Street in Stratford is dotted with six foot tall fiberglass lighthouses, designed and painted by local artists. Those who love art, lighthouses, and strolling down Main Street will be pleased!

Family Friendly Boat Tours in Connecticut

Sea legs. You either have them or you don't. For some, there's nothing more relaxing than drifting along the open water, catching a sea breeze, spotting marine life. For others...not so much. If you and your family fall into the former category and are hoping to get out on the water this summer, this post is just for you. Check out some of the fantastically fun family friendly (whew, say that five times fast) boat tours Connecticut has to offer and, when you're landlocked again why not grab a bite somewhere along the shore.

Take the Kids on a Ferry Ride Day Trip to Port Jefferson

Kids love boat rides! And what better than a free ride (plus day trip) across Long Island Sound to the adorable village of Port Jefferson? Here’s what you need to know when taking the 17 nautical mile hop to Port Jefferson for a day trip, via the ferry.

Once you’ve gotten your feet wet with a trip on the Bridgeport & Port Jefferson Ferry, maybe you can try out other day trips across the Sound to Long Island with the kids!


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