Places to Volunteer with Kids in Eastern CT

From a very young age, I learned that some of the most rewarding experiences come as a result of doing for other people.  More specifically, giving your time or energy to a project or cause without expecting anything in return.  Since my parents instilled this valuable bit of life knowledge in me at a young age, I wanted to do the same with my kids.  It's paid off for the folks we've helped and for our little family ten-fold.  Not sure where you can donate your time with the kiddos?  There's a few places in need right in Eastern CT. And if you are looking for opportunities in Hartford, Fairfield, or Litchfield Counties we have that covered too.

Day Trip to Galaxy Roller Rink in Groton, CT

Unless you've been living under an industrial sized, air conditioned rock, you may have noticed it's a tad warm around the area. Shockingly, the hottest temperatures of last week's heat wave hit the shoreline like a ton of very hot and humid bricks.  We beach folks aren't used to 100 degree days, so on the off chance we see one or, in last week's case, several in a row, we headed for the most entertaining places that accommodate us the longest and with the best cooling system. Our Indoor Play Guide has come in handy for many trying to have fun on rainy or hot days. And, now that my twins are nearly 8, our adventures include more exciting excursions during the summer, so to beat the heat, we headed out of this world. Well, not exactly, but close. We spent the day recently at Galaxy Roller Rink in Groton, Connecticut and, to say the least, we had a blast!

Sailfest 2013, New London, Connecticut

Every year, the weekend following the July 4th holiday, the city of New London transforms from mild mannered, seaside city, into one of the premiere festival destinations on the East Coast during Sailfest. Sailfest boasts food from all corners of the world, a two city block carnival midway, vendors, tall ships, and one of the largest fireworks displays east of the Mississippi. And, while it's almost impossible to do everything Sailfest has to offer, we've got your inside scoop on what are the must sees and dos!

Beaches in Eastern Connecticut

After this past winter, I'm so ready for summer. There's nothing quite like the first heat wave in Connecticut to make you start thinking of where you can cool off!  Now that my kiddos are a bit older, I'm excited about long days and evenings spent at the beach once summer finally arrives. Here in Southeastern Connecticut, I've rounded up some lush spots to lounge by Long Island Sound.

Open Art Studios for Kids in Eastern CT: Origami, Sculpture and Painting

From a very young age, my twins gravitated towards creating art in various forms.  Whether my son is sculpting food or super heroes with PlayDoh or my daughter is sketching an imaginary landscape, someone, somewhere in my home is creating art.  With my own art skills lacking (I'm the writer, NOT the artist), we needed to enlist some professionals to help our kiddos hone their skills.  In our part of the state, here in Eastern Connecticut, we luckily had a large selection of classes to choose from!

Best Mother's Day Brunches in New London County

Mother's Day now out ranks other occasions in my life to be celebrated, since motherhood is certainly my most important accomplishment to date.  Each year, I anticipate the handmade cards, coffee in bed, and few, extra moments of sleep.  But almost as much as I excitedly wait for those things, I count down the days to one of the best meals of the year: Mother's Day brunch.  We reserve a brunch outing for this one Sunday in May, and include our entire extended family, which makes it even more memorable.  Interested in toasting Mom with a mimosa or omelet made to order?  The selection of Mother's Day brunch spots in New London county is fantastic.

Nature and Science Summer Camps in New London County

My son, at 6 years old, declared his intention to attend MIT after high school, class of 2027.  He lives and breathes science, so most summer camps involving athletic activities don't appeal much to his interests.  Sound familiar?  If your little marine biologist or farmer need a fun camp experience this summer, New London county offers a wide range of camps just for them! Also check out our complete Summer Camps Guide!

New London County Arts and Drama Summer Camps

The last time I checked the calendar, it read October. Today, it tells me spring lurks around the corner and just over three months stand between me and the end of school! After recovering from that sobering realization, my thoughts turned towards warmer weather, vacations, and those inevitable moans and groans of summertime boredom. In my house, idle kids mean an unhappy Mom, so summer day camps abound! Luckily, here in New London county, our neck of the woods boasts plenty of opportunities for our creative kiddos.

A Day Trip to Middletown - Kidcity Museum Review

Kidcity, located in Middletown, is a perfect spot for young children aged 1- 7 years old. It’s more than just a museum. It’s a fun interactive mix between a museum and indoor playground where you and your child can play pretend together, while using your imagination to have fun. Each room has a different theme, like pirate ship, fishery, space age or farm, and is filled with tons of props to play with. The entire lower level has a special sea theme geared specifically towards young toddlers with plenty of areas to crawl through, climb and slide on.

Our Visit to the Renaissance Faire in Hebron, CT

“Good day my lady”, the man fully clad in 16th century attire spoke in his thick British brogue. Surrounded by knights, Lords, horse-riding jousters and even King Arthur himself I thought I had stepped back in time to the Renaissance. Attend King Arthur’s Fall Harvest Festival and you will also get to experience what it was like to be a part of that era. This past Sunday I attended the opening weekend at the Hebron Lions Fairgrounds where the faire runs now until October 28. In its 14th season the festival is Connecticut’s largest Renaissance Faire.


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