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iPlay America: A Fun Indoor Amusement Park and Arcade in New Jersey

What do you get when you cross an amusement park with an arcade with a sit-down restaurant with laser tag with a concert hall with a "cool in the summer and warm in the winter" indoor space? Well, you get iPlay America, of course. I was recently invited to spend a day with my family at this fun amalgam of kid-friendly activities in Freehold, NJ, so read on for all the info - and then head out and youPlay at iPlay!

10 Fun Things to Do with Kids in Southbury, Connecticut

When my husband announced our family's plan to relocate from Southeastern Connecticut (city, seaside life), to the Western end of the state (suburbs and very inland), I felt very unsure how we'd fare.  Where would we live?  What would we do for fun?  How would I ever live without seeing the ocean out my front window?  We ultimately settled on Southbury in western New Haven, and what a fabulous decision we made.  Since our move, we've often said we hardly need to leave town to do anything!  There's so many super cool, fun things to do with the whole family!

Long Weekends in New Jersey and the Northeast: 5 Fun and Family-Friendly Mini-Vacation Spots

Sometimes you want to go where no one knows your name, but alas, you have to take the kids with you, so why not have some fun! Going away in the winter is a lovely diversion from the routine that seems all the more routine when it’s dark and cold, and I do love the time away with my sweet family, even if I still have to wipe noses and cut up their meat. The conversations are often more lively, the whining more specific, the happy faces more frequent. It’s a good life.

Bromley Adventure Park: Summer Fun in Southern Vermont

A vacation in southern Vermont can be bucolic and serene, filled with lazy days swimming in a lake, hiking, and visiting farm animals. But, when travelling with kids, sometimes adding a day of raucous fun can be a great addition to your Vermont family vacation. Luckily, there’s one spot in the midst of the farms, lakes and woods that provides amusement park style fun with Vermont style adventure.

The Bromley Adventure Park is the only place in Southern Vermont where families will find rides that fling you in the air and swoosh you down the mountain, wet or dry, fast or slow.  In addition to a water slide, an alpine slide, bumper boats, a bungee jumper, a climbing wall, a ziprider and other fun attractions, Bromley Mountain Adventure Park has recently added a Aerial Adventure Park where you can take to the trees on a challenge course in the treetops.


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