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Local Summer Getaways for NJ Families

By now, many of you have probably organized your summer with military precision. I know I have. We have this much camp and that much vacation and this much time to annoy one another and that much time to drag ourselves around town to various sprinklers. It's all mapped out. Even still, sometimes it's nice to just get away, semi-spontaneously, for a few days of family fun without having to drive very far. New Jersey and the surrounding area offer several weekend destinations ranging from waterparks to pig farms to NJ's many beaches. Enjoy the backseat conversations and wave-jumping squeals, because my brand of nostalgia dictates that I remind you, autumn will be here before you know it. Soak up the sunshine! 

10 Reasons to Visit Disneyland California Instead

Going to Disney World feels like a can't-miss obligation for New York City parents: like if we don't take our children to the Magic Kingdom before they outgrow the magic it will just be another decade of therapy to pile on to all our other parental misdeeds.

I'm sure Walt Disney World is 100% as magical as it is said to be, but here are 10 reasons why New York parents should consider opting for Disneyland instead:

Visiting Universal Studios Theme Park: How a VIP Tour will save you money (as well as your sanity)

Last Spring the lovely people at Universal Studios Orlando invited us to visit their park in Florida for a VIP tour. It's not something I might have sprung for normally, but after having the most amazing theme park experience ever, I am completely sold that this is now the only way to ever see a theme park. And after doing a little frugal mommy math, I think I can even justify it as paying for itself.

So here's the deal with the Universal Studios VIP tour. I haven't been on any Disney World or any other theme park VIP tours so I don't know if they are all the same, but basically it works like this: You meet your guide and he chats with you about what kind of stuff you want to do. Then he takes you through the park, completely picking out the itinerary so you don't have to think about it at all. But the most amazing thing about the VIP tour is you cut every line (except like two rides that are too popular to let people cut without instigating a vengeful mob scene.) and move through the park at lightning speed, which not only is super cool and fun, but takes all the stress out of visiting a theme park, eliminates fights between siblings about where to go next, and completely eliminated my own exhaustion and fatigue.


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