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25 Fun Things to Do with Kids on a NJ Staycation

No fancy vacations planned for this month? Not to worry, we've got you covered! New Jersey offers tons of great options for family outings close to home, whether you're looking for a beach adventure or want to visit a local farm or museum. Skip all the hassles involved with packing, crowded airports and sleepless hotel stays…your family can get their fill of summer fun right here at home in New Jersey. (And save you some money too.) Read on for our top 25 Staycation Ideas, and visit the Mommy Poppins NJ Summer Activity Guide for additional suggestions.

The New Jersey Kids Summer Activities Guide

Whether you dread the unstructured days of summer or welcome them, every parent can use a little help in planning, right? That's where the Mommy Poppins New Jersey Kids Summer Activities Guide comes in. Be it the best beaches, the bluest blueberry festivals, or what's incredibly fun and absolutely free, we're here to give you the skinny. And we're adding new stuff every day, so check back often to see what's new in the NJ Kids Summer Activities Guide. Have an awesome summer!

5 Special Needs-Friendly Amusement Parks Near NYC

Most of my kids love amusement parks. For my three little ones, there is no ride too big, too scary or too fast (though the height restrictions sometimes say otherwise). As our family balloons to five children this year, amusement parks are becoming more of a luxury (all of those tickets add up). But what makes an amusement park outing even more challenging for us than money is our teen with special needs. Unlike his siblings, he's not a fan of rides, screaming children, roller coasters or that big bucket that dumps water on everyone's heads. So it takes a lot of planning to have a successful theme park experience with my brood.

Luckily, there are five wonderful theme parks near New York City that can accommodate my son with special needs while still delivering a thrilling time for the rest of my family. Most are within a two-hour drive of Manhattan (also good if your children with special needs hates being cooped up in a car, like mine). A few have park-wide special needs programs in place; the others host special needs-friendly days when the usual sensory triggers (all the screaming and loud music and lights) are kept to a minimum. Here are five special-needs friendly amusement parks near NYC.


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