Special Occasions

Character Breakfasts at Disney's El Capitan: All That and a Side of Bacon

El Capitan is already our favorite place in LA to see a kids’ movie; but sometimes you want to go that extra mile. Or in this case, that extra meal. Character breakfasts at the Disney Soda Fountain & Studio Store turn a day at the movies into a full-fledged special event. Kids get to spend some one-on-one time with a beloved Disney princess (or pirate or monster) and take home a commemorative photo - plus the whole family gets to fill their tummies.

Best Bakeries on Long Island

What determines a great bakery? Is it the prettiest designs on top of the cake or the delicious filling inside the cake, the creamiest cannolis, the tastiest breads, or the wide assortment of pastries and cookies? Or is it the friendly customer service that’s apparent when you walk through the door? We've taken all of these variables and have narrowed it down to the best bakeries on Long Island.

More Outdoor Dining for Families on Long Island

(Photo courtesy of Bayside Clam Bar and Grill)

Last year we gave you a list of great places to eat outdoors with your kids. Here are still more great places:

One of the great pleasures of summer is eating alfresco, and Long Island has a plethora of options to fulfill that desire. I started out thinking I would include five of my favorite locations, but as I began talking with some of my mom friends, they all had suggestions that I felt deserved inclusion as well. All of these restaurants are family-friendly, and several also offer entertainment nearby or on site. The water is a common theme for most of these selections, as they feature gorgeous views, allowing you to feel like you’re on vacation, without having to travel.  

Santa Monica Food Truck Lot - A Family Night Out

Santa Monica’s Tuesday Food Truck Night at the California Heritage Museum is the ideal venue for a stress-free dinner with children; plus, as an added bonus, you can cross off item #80 on our LA with Kids Bucket List!

Inspired by reading Pamela Druckerman’s Bringing Up Bebe, about French children’s perfect eating habits, I resolved to expand my own son’s limited palate. I mean, these children eat foie gras in preschool while my son turns his nose up at anything besides goldfish crackers and squeezable fruit crushers. Visiting the food trucks seemed like the perfect scenario for venturing into new culinary territory. As my very male son loves all vehicles, I thought that being served directly out of vehicles might entice him to try something new - and there is free parking on site.


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