Sweet Brooklyn Brunch Spots for a Mother’s Day with the Kids

Celebrating mom with a special brunch is a time-honored tradition. This year we’ve rounded up seven of our favorite Brooklyn restaurants, where the food is outstanding and the vibe is special yet still family friendly. Mark your calendars: Mother's Day is Sunday, May 8, 2016.

Each of our picks serves a standout brunch—and offers high chairs. Be sure to reserve or show up early as these spots fill up quickly. If you’ve got young kids in tow, consider packing a few snacks and small toys to keep them busy while you wait to be seated. And don't forget to check out our post with five outdoor Mother's Day itineraries for NYC families like a bike ride to Coney Island or garden walk and brunch. Need more ideas? Check out our readers' favorite brunch spots from last year.

Best Mother's Day Brunches in Northern NJ

The countdown to Mother's Day is on! Give mom the gift of food, lots of it, by treating her to a delicious and hearty brunch. Restaurants throughout Northern New Jersey are cooking up some fabulous, family-friendly brunches, boasting breakfast delights, plus hot chafing dishes, carving stations and desserts all rolled into one delectable meal. Most of these eateries offer discounts for children and are often free for the younger set. Holiday brunches book up quickly, so check out these great Mother’s Day brunches in Northern New Jersey asap! And if you're down the shore, explore these wonderful Mother's Day options.

Mother’s Day Brunch at the Jersey Shore: 9 Great Family-Friendly Restaurants

Mother’s Day is just around the corner. What better way to celebrate than by treating mom to a fabulous brunch? Whether you’re looking for a laid-back vibe or prefer something fancy-shmancy, the Jersey Shore has plenty of delicious options to choose from. Check out one of these local favorites for a wonderful meal the whole family will love. Relax, enjoy yourself and have a very Happy Mother’s Day! If you're looking for less pricey options (read: FREE), check out our Free and Discounted Treats and Outings for Mom, and for general shore fun, check out our Jersey Shore Family Guide.

Blueberry Picking in Eastern Connecticut

Few things taste more like summer than fruit and vegetables fresh from the garden. But since we cannot all grow gardens - or large ones that accommodate a variety of produce - local farms are terrific destinations. Walking in the sunshine, enjoying the smell of grass, bobbing along on tractor rides: the whole experience of picking your own food on the farm is an essential activity of the warmer months and a great way to teach children the process used to grow healthy foods. Hailed as a super food, blueberries are delicious and so versatile, and these little fruits are for the pickin' in Eastern Connecticut! For more berry picking check out our Pick Your Own post.

Family-Friendly NJ Vegetarian (and Vegan) Dining

More and more families are going the vegetarian, and even the vegan, route, so we’ve rounded up the best NJ family-friendly options for meatless (and eggless and other-less) fare. And even if you don't necessarily identify as "veg", everyone should give these yummy places a try– your kids may surprise you and probably won't even realize they're eating "healthy." Some venues on the list are not strictly vegetarian/vegan, but offer many vegetarian or vegan options for kids, plus crayons, toys to play with, entertainment and more.

Top Things to Do With Kids on the MBTA Blue Line

The MBTA's Blue Line gets a bad rap: It's shorter than the other T lines, such as the Orange and Green lines, and doesn't pass through any particularly hip neighborhoods. But there is a surprising amount of sights families can enjoy at most of the Blue Line's dozen stations. Here's a quick look at the top eight kid-friendly stops along this subway line.

Peanut-Free and Nut-Free Bakeries in Northern New Jersey

New Jersey is home to some of the best bakeries in the country. There's nothing like stepping into your local bake shop and picking up a few freshly made cupcakes and cookies. Unfortunately, families with nut allergies have to be extra careful about where they buy their treats. If you or your kids have a nut allergy, don't despair. The Garden State is home to several fantastic peanut-free and nut-free bakeries. The following North Jersey shops carry everything to satisfy your family's sweet tooth, from specialty cakes to scones and pies. For even more nut-free bakeries, check out our post on Nut, Gluten and Dairy Free Bakeries in New York City.

Williamsburg Restaurants: Where to Eat with Kids in Brooklyn

Williamsburg might still be Brooklyn's hipster haven, but it's also filled with baby boutiques, play spaces and other family attractions, including a slew of cool kid-friendly restaurants. Back in my single childless days, I lived in Williamsburg for a decade. I probably saw two strollers during that entire time. OK, that's a slight exaggeration. Still, much has changed in Williamsburg over the past few years. McCarren Park is often the center of neighborhood family activities, and there's a new Museum of Food and Drink that hosts kid workshops. 

Even with the new family vibe, it can be intimidating to saddle up to any NYC restaurant with kids in tow. Sometimes you just pray they'll let you in without THAT face. But actually we had a hard time whittling down our list of family favorite dining spots in this hood! Our 16 picks all feature delicious eats for kids (and adults, of course), low-key or welcoming atmospheres, high chairs or boosters and sometimes even changing tables. From A-Z, read on for our our top places to eat with kids in Williamsburg.


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