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Play at the Bay! Toddler Town Opens Its Doors to Boston Families

When I received a flyer in the mail for the grand opening of Toddler Town at the Marina Bay Sports Complex, I practically jumped for joy.  As the days grow colder I can't help but think about the indoor house itch we all tend to get with young kids.  There are plenty of museums in Boston and lots of great indoor play spaces outside of Boston to the west, but there wasn't much available to us south of Boston.  Until now. The Bay's massive indoor turf field in Quincy has been turned into the king of all jungle gyms, complete with a snack bar, infant play area, and even Disney tunes bumping!  That's my kind of turf. Below are some highlights and tips to maximize your play time at the Bay. 

Mini Golf in LA: Where to Play Miniature Golf or Have a Golf Birthday Party

Whether you're looking for an interesting place to have a birthday party or just something to do to keep idle hands from emptying the toy chest onto the living room floor, mini golf can be a real crowd pleaser for kids of all ages. Like the big version of the sport, the miniature version can be a great way to spend time outdoors (without inspiring the critical looks one would collect letting little ones run free on an 18-hole course), and there's little chance of getting bored with all the other entertainment these places pack in. From purists to adrenaline junkies, mini golf courses can keep the whole family entertained.

Indoor Rock Climbing Classes and Centers for Westchester Kids

Looking for an active, family-friendly outing that can be enjoyed year round? Rock climbing is a great workout for everyone, targeting muscles all over the body that can often be hard to reach via traditional exercise. It can increase muscle tone and improve cardiovascular health with regular participation. And because climbing requires a combination of physical exertion and creative thinking, even less athletic kids will feel immense pride and satisfaction looking down at what they have accomplished.

Children who are regular climbers credit this activity with helping them concentrate, building their strength and endurance and increasing their overall confidence. Indoor rock climbing facilities provide all of the benefits of this activity without having to worry about the weather. Read on for details on indoor rock climbing in Westchester. Also, be sure to check our Winter Fun Guide for more ways to stay active in Westchester.

10 Indoor Birthday Party Places for Active Kids West of Boston

What do climbing, skating, swordsmanship, batting, and swimming have in common? They are all great birthday party options for kids who like to keep active. Sure, indoor playspaces are awesome locations for kids’ birthday parties, but we’ve found some unique places west of Boston that kids - and parents - just might want to consider.

Of course, they all come with all the advantages of hosting a party indoors and not in your home - plenty of space, no weather worries, no mess to clean up afterwards, and minimal preparation required for parents. Read on for details about 10 indoor birthday party places west of Boston where you can host a party and be assured that kids will be able to channel their energy and excitement in a safe, entertaining environment. And check out our Birthday Party Guide for more places to have a kid’s birthday party in MA, including our roundup of indoor birthday party places for active kids in Boston.

Rock Climbing Classes and Centers for LA and OC Kids

All parents talk about their kids "climbing the walls"—but are yours truly climbing the walls, the trees, and random objects not meant to be climbed? Do they take the game of hot lava so seriously that they have broken furniture? Or perhaps they just can't stop talking about the rock wall at summer camp? Maybe it is time for you to consider signing them up for a rock climbing class. Rock climbing is a full-body sport that builds strength, endurance, and stamina. It also challenges the mind as climbers make decisions, work out routes, and challenge themselves physically. And, as any kid who has been on a climbing wall at the park can tell you—it can be just plain fun! Due to proliferation of rock climbing gyms, this is now both an indoor and outdoor sport, and you no longer have to go far to find some challenging terrain.

Nearly every climbing gym in the LA/OC area offers birthday parties for kids, and most permit children to climb with an adult present. If your child really enjoys climbing, a youth team (many gyms offer non-competitive and competition teams) is the best way to get lots of practice and instruction. If your kids have not found a sport they like (amongst the many on our classes guide), maybe this is the one!

Batting Cages for LA and Orange County's Baseball Families

Take me out to the ball game! Or at least take me to a batting cage. Pre-kids, my husband and I frequented batting cages for fun (romantic, I know). But now that we have kids who can swing a bat, it's even more rewarding to hit up (pun intended) the area cages. We suggest you give it a try, too. Choose from slow to fast pitch, softball or baseball. Smack your troubles away, and watch the kids jump with delight when they make contact. From the Valley to the OC, it's a great place for beginners to figure it all out, and for the more advanced to finesse their swinging skills. Batter up!


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