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This Weekend: Toy Swap, two giveaways, more trains, and other fun


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The Mommy Poppins Holiday Toy Swap & Drive is this Sunday from 10AM to 1PM at 146 Duane Street and it looks like it's shaping up to be a lot of fun. New children's party catering company, BisKids will be giving out delicious, free homemade goodies.

Also, everyone who comes on Sunday can enter to win a pair of tickets to The Gazillion Bubble Show or a pair of tickets to A Kid's Life. I saw The Gazillion Bubble Show and it was a lot of fun. I think kids of all ages, and adults too, would enjoy this show.

So I hope you will all come. We may get a little weather, but it should be a great time. If you are reading this in your email and care to just hit reply and let me know if you are planning on coming or not that would be great. I want to make sure BisKids brings enough treats for everyone!

What to do after the swap: Make a day of it, the Washington Market Park Christmas Party, just a couple of blocks away, starts at 2PM. Or head over to Church Street School for Music and Art for their fabulous gingerbread house decorating workshops at 2:15.

And more fun stuff going on:

5 Best Indoor Activities for NYC Kids

Though the weather doesn't seem like it will ever approach the lows that will force you & your brood inside. It's going to happen! Whether you have a newborn, toddler or school-aged child you're going to be faced with long hours inside this winter. After you have watched every video, played every game & read every book in the house you're going to need to venture outside or risk what I'd like to call M.G.S.C. Disorder better known as "Mommy's Going Stir Crazy".

Here are some ideas on where to go for indoor activities in New York that will be fun for parents as well as children.

NYC Libraries Now Open On Saturdays

It was really a bummer when the city decided to close the NYC public libraries on the weekends. With snip of the fiscal scissor, the gold standard of Saturday afternoon entertainment for toddlers and kids in NYC was suddenly gone. No longer would there be quiet Saturday afternoons reading and picking out books at the local library.

MoMA's Free Family Programs Are Great for Parents, Too

The Museum of Modern Art hosts many incredible free family programs that introduce children and adults to the richly varied world of modern art through guided walks, art workshops, artist talks, film screenings, special events, activity guides and Web sites. Programs provide an approach to looking at and talking about art that enable people of all ages and all levels of experience to enjoy art together. Moms and dads will truly get as much from these fantastic art classes as children will. These are no "let's glue tissue paper to construction paper" workshops. Added bonus: these free classes include free admission to MoMA for kids and adults.

Free Family Programs at The Metropolitan Museum of Art

The Metropolitan Museum of Art is not just one of the greatest museums in the world, it also is one of the most child friendly museums. And it doesn't end with the incredible exhibits. The Metropolitan Museum of Art offers a slew of fantastic free programs for toddlers and kids of all ages. These are classes turely worthy of the institution which hosts them, world-class art classes for kids available at your fingertips absolutely for free. And they are highly underused. These classes should be packed, but many of them are not even full. So, take full advantage of these fabulous free art classes for kids and toddlers.


5 Museums You've Never Heard Of

The Museum of Natural History is great, but there's only so many rainy days you can stand staring at those damn dinosaurs. The Met and MoMA feel virtuous, but, depending on the kid, not necessarily reliable alternatives.

Wouldn't it be great if there were other museums - museums that offered a wide range of experiences, had free family programs and weren't as crowded as a Japanese subway car? If only NY had museums like this, families would never even think of moving to the suburbs.

Well, Mommy Poppins, ever eager to keep the price of family-sized apartments astronomical, has sleuthed out 5 museums, all within walking distance of each other, that offer a day of educational and creative fun.


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