Our Halloween Guide and Photo Contest Are Here!

How much do you love Halloween? Cute, costumes, candy, and seeing the city transform into a big playground for kids. This Halloween we're bringing you not just a great guide on everything fun for kids in New York, but also a great contest with lots of big prizes.
The Contest:
Just send us pictures of your cutie in their Halloween costume and you'll be entered to win one of these amazing prizes:


We've got a family portrait session with amazing photographer Jeff Cassuto, a Jeep Overland Limited Jogging Stroller and a Baby Gift Package from Giggle, plus more and we want to give them to you.

Share your pictures and win! Click to read more, or upload your photos here.


The Guide
The best Halloween Parades for kids, the top places to Trick or Treat in NYC, (not too scary) Haunted Houses, and more. Find it all out in our Halloween Fun Guide.

Mommy Poppins Kids Halloween Costume Photo Contest

Share pictures of your adorable little ghosts, ghouls, and Mileys and win!


We love seeing all the great costumes people come up with for the little ones on Halloween. Whether your child's costume is super creative or just super cute, share it with us in our Halloween Photo Contest Flickr Group. You can add your Flickr photos to the Mommy Poppins Halloween Photo Contest Group or just email them to us with your name, address, age of child(ren) and we'll do the techie stuff.


On Monday, November 5th we will pick three winners and three runners up to receive one of the following fabulous prizes:

Father's Day Activities for NYC Dads of Every Stripe

 Picture 7.png

Reader, Brigette, who won our Mother and Child Portrait Session Giveaway and got all spoiled wants us to equally hook her up for Father's Day.

Brigette says:

I need help coming up with ideas of what to do with my kids for my husband on Father's Day. I can come up with gift ideas, but seem to have lost all creative ability to come up with something to do with/for dad that day.

Since I don't know what kind of Baby Daddy Brigette rolls with I figured I'd cover all the bases. Here's our suggestions for Father's Day activities for dads of every stripe. A bunch of these activities are this weekend, in case you actually just want to let dad chill on the day of, as many of our commenters suggested.

Father's Day Activities for NYC Dads of Every Stripe:

Why is this post different from all other posts?

cat_sederplate_p.jpgCause it's all about everyone's favorite Jewish holiday - Passover! Perfect for kids, Passover is a great mix of story telling, singing, family time and of course eating. And there is no better place (except maybe Jerusalem) to celebrate Passover than in New York, in fact even the Pope is coming to town this year! Benedict will be heading to services at Park East Synagogue marking just the third visit by any pope to a synagogue in the 2,000 year history of the Roman Catholic Church (weird, right?). So, now that you know its coming, by the way Passover is officially from sundown April 19th through April 27th, its time to get your matzo balls ready.

After the break, Passover resources, recipes, food and events for kids in NYC:

Easter Egg Crafts and Purim Recipes

We've got a long weekend and I'm in the mood to get crafty. Preparing for holidays is always a fun time in our house when we can slow down and do some craft activities together. My kids love this and the crafts don't have to be complicated.

Making Easter Eggs is a great craft to do with kids because it can be tailored to be as simple or as complicated as you want it to be for different ages, abilities and crafty proclivities ??” meaning I can really get into it with my own creations.

Below I've rounded up a bunch of links to great Easter egg craft ideas, but this first link is to a delicious looking recipe for some Purim Hamantaschen. If you don't know about the Jewish holiday Purim, you can read about it on the 92nd St. Y site which tells the story. Purim is one of the few Jewish holidays that's really a kids' holiday.

Easter Egg Making Tips and Craft Ideas:

Celebrate The Romance of Childhood

In between the fish sticks and temper tantrums we sometimes forget about the romance of childhood. Their joy and fascination with incredibly simple things (like my daughter's recent discovery of scotch tape) or those moments when they are so incredibly empathatic that your can feel your heart breaking. Take some time out this Valentines Day to celebrate the beautiful small moments of being a child by introducing your kids to some classics:

The Red Balloon

At just 34 minutes and with almost no dialogue, this is the perfect first movie for any kid while also being a pure joy for adults and what could be more romantic than watching a red balloon waft down the streets of Paris in 1956? The screening at the Alliance Francaise will be followed by an hour of activities and games inspired by The Red Balloon, led by Le Club Th?©??tre, Saturday Feb. 9, tickets for Non-Members $10 / Children under 12 $5. Visit the site for more information.

Frozen Hot Chocolate at Serendipity
Though always crowded and somewhat overpriced, there was nothing I loved more as a kid than going to Serendipity and getting their frozen hot chocolate. The enormous cup is filled with deliciousness and the whole place is a kid wonderland. The wait can be ridiculously long so I suggest making reservations. And, while you are in the neighborhood, take a ride on the Roosevelt Island tram which is a cheap thrill for any kid. For the price of a subway in each direction you get a surprisingly intense ride that lasts 4 minutes!

Surf the Beach
This one is for the adventurers but if you dare, a great way to spend a winter day is to bundle up and head to the beach. There is something really magical about being on a huge empty beach in the winter and it's an amazing place to take photographs (try taking real photographs too, you remember, the ones that require film). The shells and sand are still there and will entertain most kids for hours. With the future of Coney Island up in the air, you might want to hop on the D, N, Q or F train to catch some last glimpses of the beautiful, seedy and outrageously photogenic amusement park. And if you get chilly, you can always head over to the Aquarium which is right off the boardwalk. Or, take the A train to the Rockaways where you may even be able to catch some crazy surfers. This video is proof that they are out there in the middle of freezing February.

Make Dumplings with Your Kids for Lunar New Year



Dumplings are one of the symbolic foods of the Chinese New Year, so Amber sent us this fun activity idea for celebrating Lunar New Year with kids. It's a bit of prep work to get the filling made, but kids will love filling and eating their own dumplings. It would be a great activity for a Lunar New Year kids' party, and a healthy snack too!


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