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Where To Pick Strawberries with Kids Near Boston

In the realm of pick-your-own, I don't think there's a better fruit for kids to pluck than the strawberry. The plants are close to the ground and the berries are accessible without having to reach way into the plant. Ripe berries are clustered together, so kids have the satisfaction of picking a lot in a short period of time. And no prickers!

June is "strawberry month" and most farms are open for picking by mid-month; some are ready even sooner. Read on for farms where you can pick your own strawberries, followed by tips for getting the most out of the experience. 

Best Strawberry Picking Farms and Festivals on Long Island

The East End of Long Island is ripe with places where you can pick your own strawberries. Deciding where to go can be a challenge, so we've handpicked a few of our favorites. Harvesting your own fruit is not only fun, it connects you to where your food comes from and supports locals farmers. It also allows you to experience food at its freshest, right off the vine. This is especially important for Long Island strawberries, which are sweeter and more delicate than most grocery-store varieties, and tend to have a shorter shelf life. Be sure to call ahead or check the farms' websites to confirm that the fields are open and the strawberries are ripe.

For more places where you can pick your own fruit and vegetables in the tri-state area, check out our Farm Guide.

Pick-Your-Own Berry Farms in Connecticut

The abundance and availability of fresh food at this time of the year is a real treat. Being able to pick our own fruits and vegetables at local farms makes the bounty taste even sweeter. Not only is it a fun family activity, it's also a great way to teach children about where their food comes from and to engage them in its preparation process.

Right now, strawberry picking is just getting under way, but don't hesitate: on some farms the picking season lasts just a few weeks.  For more pick-your-own options in Connecticut, check out our posts about strawberry picking in Hartford County and blueberry picking farms. Happy picking - and baking - and eating!

Step Back in Time at NJ's Living History Farms

New Jersey is home to many wonderful farms, perfect spots for a family-friendly outing anytime of year. But a few special locations offer visitors the unique opportunity to step back in time and experience farm life just as it existed many years ago. These Living History farms give kids the chance to try their hand at everything from bottle-feeding lambs and gathering honey to collecting sap and harvesting ice. If you're looking for a fun, educational experience for the entire family, historic farms are a great choice. Read on for the details on four terrific NJ spots that bring history to life.

Fun Spring Activities for Preschoolers in Connecticut

“Mommy, how do the flowers know it’s time to wake up?” Celebrating the change of seasons with preschoolers is so much fun! Experiencing life through their eyes is magical- everything is so fresh and new! One of the best parts about living in New England is we get to celebrate all four seasons, but nothing is more magical than the arrival of spring.  Whether you want to enjoy the countryside of Litchfield County or hiking through Fairfield County, here are some more of our tried and true preschool activities for spring. 

Gardening Clubs and Classes for Long Island Kids

Dig your hands into the soil of the Earth and learn how to grow your own food. Teaching children at a young age how to cultivate food is a priceless ability. These farms, garden clubs and museums across Long Island have everything you need to get started, so head out with your little seedling and plant some fun. And for more outside activities, check out our Spring Fun Guide.

Pick-Your-Own Strawberry Farms and Festivals Near NYC

One of my favorite things about summer is the plethora of fruit in season, especially the berries. Picking your own is even sweeter. As we move into the height of strawberry season, there are a slew of festivals and farms with the fruit ripe for the picking. Many are a short car ride away from New York City, so consider a day trip to one of these farms for an afternoon of strawberry picking, or hit a fruit fest for additional fun like pie-eating contests and carnival rides. 

For more day trip inspiration, check out our Family Getaways Guide and our Spring Fun Guide.

Pick-Your-Own Strawberry Farms in Lower Hudson Valley

My kids love strawberries. Lucky for them, their grandmother grows strawberries in her backyard, so they've been part of the planting, growing and harvesting process since they were tots.  As much as they enjoy the tiny patch, meandering through large fields of strawberries is also an awesome experience. It's not only a fun spring activity, but it also teaches kids about the farm-to-table and locavore movements, and encourages healthy eating habits.

We've rounded up pick-your-own strawberry places in the Lower Hudson Valley where families can harvest their own batch of strawberry goodness. Although there aren't any PYO strawberry spots within Westchester's borders, we have located farms that are less than 90 minutes from central Westchester by car, close enough for a fun day trip. Most locations begin the picking season around Memorial Day weekend, but be sure to check ahead before you head out. 

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