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Highland Orchards in Chester County: 5 Reasons to Make a Family Day Trip

Undoubtedly, the simplest of activities can often make the best memories for our young children. Visiting an area orchard or farm is an easy, low-cost outing and a great way to bring the little ones closer to nature. Highland Orchards, a Chester County farm market and pick-your-own field, provides fresh air, fresh food, and fun times for families all year round. During the warmer weather, families can take advantage of its outdoor activities, including pick-your-own strawberries, a playground, and a spot to feed animals. Fall is the height of apple picking and hayride season, and in the cold months, Highland Orchards continues its open hours in the farm market, where kids and grownups can enjoy the freshly baked pies and other baked goods (and other tasty free samples!)

This summer, don’t miss an opportunity to go to Highland Orchards for eating, playing, or even taking a structured tour of the grounds. Check out the top 5 reasons why it’s worth a drive to the Chester County countryside for a visit.

The Inn at East Hill Farm: A Blissful Family Farm Vacation in New Hampshire

The Inn at East Hill Farm is a special place. It combines hands-on learning at a working farm with all the fun of sleepaway camp and the blissful convenience of an all-inclusive resort.

Nestled in the Mount Monadnock Region of New Hampshire, the resort has views that go on forever and a relaxed, when-you're-here-you're-family vibe. There are activities galore and all meals are included, so you won’t need to go anywhere else during your stay—and I’m guessing you’ll be happy to leave the car parked, let someone else do the cooking, and focus your energy on having a ball with your kids.

Things To Do with Kids at Mass Audubon's South Shore Sanctuaries

One of the things I'm truly loving about living in the 'burbs now that the weather's nice is the opportunity to be close to nature. The South Shore is known for its beautiful forests and marshes, and is home to a wide variety of birds, seals, and other forest friends. Mass Audubon's South Shore Sanctuaries—North River, Daniel Webster, and North Hill Marsh—are ideal places to discover the area's natural treasures.

North River serves as the indoor base for the three sanctuaries, with a nature center featuring a discovery room for kids, turtles, fish, an archeological station, bathrooms, and a gift shop. As we drove up the winding road to the North River Sanctuary's main building, we felt transported into a different world. Everything was so vibrant and bright, lush and crisp. Once inside, my son had a blast playing with the toys and exploring, while I learned about the variety of programs and things to do at the three sanctuaries.

25 Toddler Approved Places in Fairfield County

When your child takes those first steps into toddlerhood, it becomes obvious that the game has changed. No more baby that sleeps soundly in a carrier, or is amused by being pushed around in a stroller. Toddlers hit the ground running and are ready for some hands-on interactive fun. Those loveable bundles of joy have endless energy and an unquenchable desire to explore their surroundings.  That's why we've rounded up 25 places in Fairfield County we know toddlers will love, from active play options to animal fun to sweet treats. Many of the destinations on our list are free, and some of the activities, like picking your own berries or hitting beaches with playgrounds, also appeal to older siblings.

Check out our top 25 tot spots and if we missed any of your favorites, please add them in the comments.

Strawberries and Cherries and Stone Fruit, Oh My! Pick Your Own Berries in LA & OC

There is something magical about wandering through an orchard. If you don't have the time to go on a family camping trip but want to "get back to the land" within an hour of Los Angeles, there are myriad opportunities to go live a farmer's life for just a few hours and come home with your basket overflowing with berries. Whether you prefer strawberries, cherries, or stone fruit, picking your own fruit is a fun family activity that keeps on giving.

Harriet Beecher Stowe House Welcomes Families Year-Round, Moms Free on Mother's Day

Children love superheroes, those powerful people whose good deeds defeat evil, and leave the world a better place. Once kids start hearing about the amazing life of Harriet Beecher Stowe, they'll realize she totally qualifies as one. A tour of Hartford County's Harriet Beecher Stowe Center, which features her home and a museum, offers the opportunity to learn about this beloved author, and how she helped change history.

Springtime Visits to Baby Farm Animals in Fairfield County

Pretty much everything farm related makes me sneeze.  And itch.  And cough.  But in spite of my immune system's obvious distaste for all things farm related, I cannot help it…I love visiting area farms this time of year to see all the new, ADORABLE, animals that have been born.  And I'm guessing I'm not the only one!  Pick a beautiful day, and head out to visit some of Fairfield County’s newest - and furriest - residents at some of the following locations:

Indoor Birthday Party Places in Southern Litchfield County

Raise your hand if, like me, you prefer to host your kids' birthday party somewhere other than your own home.  I see I'm not alone!  For us, it's difficult enough to keep our home neat and tidy, let alone with a gaggle of energetic, excited partygoers, on top of of our usual brood.  So, when it comes to birthday party planning, and since our twins' birthday falls smack in the middle of the dog days of summer, we opt for indoor spots with plenty of AC!  We've compiled a great list of ideas to begin planning your fun, kids birthday party in Southern Litchfield County. For even more great party ideas check out our Party Guide.


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