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Blueberry Picking in Eastern Connecticut

Few things taste more like summer than fruit and vegetables fresh from the garden. But since we cannot all grow gardens - or large ones that accommodate a variety of produce - local farms are terrific destinations. Walking in the sunshine, enjoying the smell of grass, bobbing along on tractor rides: the whole experience of picking your own food on the farm is an essential activity of the warmer months and a great way to teach children the process used to grow healthy foods. Hailed as a super food, blueberries are delicious and so versatile, and these little fruits are for the pickin' in Eastern Connecticut! For more berry picking check out our Pick Your Own post.

Strawberry Picking Season in the Hartford Area

One of the most delicious treats that warmer weather brings is the season of juicy red strawberries. Treat your child to a day at a local farm to see where fresh fruit comes from and enjoy a day picking your own fruit. They may even taste that much better when you’ve done all the work picking them yourselves! The berry season is short, usually only lasting from early June to early July, so don’t miss out on abundant possibilities: jam, strawberry shortcake, berry tarts, or simply enjoying the fresh fruit in cereals and salads. For more strawberry picking fun in other parts of the state, check out other Berry Farms in Connecticut

Sheepshearing and Wool Festivals in New England

We're seeing signs of spring. On the farm at this time of year there is new life everywhere, and the sheep are due for haircuts. That means it's shearing festival time! Locally, Drumlin Farm and Gore Place celebrate sheepshearing season with big shindigs. (It’s not that strange—think of the big deal you made about your child’s first haircut.) If you want to make a fun family day trip or even a weekend getaway out of it, there are also sheepshearing and wool festivals in nearby Rhode Island, New Hampshire and Western Massachusetts.

Maple Sugaring on Long Island 2016

Nothing tops a pancake or waffle like that thick, amber-hued liquid, produced only here in the Northeast—maple syrup. Fortunately for Long Islanders, we don't need to travel to New Hampshire or Vermont to get a firsthand look at the process of converting maple sap into syrup and ultimately sugar. There are farms right here on the island that offer demonstrations and provide samples (yum!).

25 Old-School Activities for NJ Families: Drive-In Theaters, Vintage Trains & More!

Ah, the good ol' days. Remember roller-skating, ice cream sodas and drive-in theaters? These simple pleasures can still be found all over New Jersey. Relive your childhood while introducing your kids to some new-old activities this summer. We’ve rounded up 25 great ideas to get you started, everything from vintage train rides to living history farms. So put down that smartphone and step back in time. There’s plenty of old-fashioned fun to be had in NJ!

Cut Your Own Christmas Tree Farms Near NYC

Skip the NYC corner-stand haggle this year and head to one of these Christmas tree farms to spark a new family holiday tradition. We found 10 cut-your-own tree farms within an hour's drive of Midtown Manhattan, so the kids (and parents!) can fulfill that lumberjack fantasy and still have time to deck the halls.

You can find a 12-foot tree for just $50 at one of the nearby New Jersey Christmas tree farms, gulp down a free cup of hot cider at another in Westchester or do a little birding at a Connecticut tree farm situated in an Audubon nature sanctuary. Nearby Long Island is packed with pretty family tree farms, too. Read on for our top 10 picks for New York families.

Looking for more holiday day trips? We have a few to recommend for local families.

Cut Your Own Christmas Tree Farms in the Philadelphia Area

Want to work off some of that leftover Thanksgiving turkey? Some families prefer to burn off those calories (AND prepare for the Christmas indulgences) by running a Santa or Elf Run, but the traditionalist might want to work their muscles by cutting down their own Christmas trees.

Create a new family tradition or continue a long-standing ritual by picking out an evergreen that’s going to be front and center for the month of December! Some of these local farms offer additional family fun, such as crafts, cider and hot cocoa sampling, or other treats.

Looking for even more fun this season? Check out our Holiday Guide and our Events Calendar for the latest!


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