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New Jersey Fresh: Essex County Farmer’s Markets

From the Montclair Art Museum to the Prudential Center; from the Turtle Back Zoo to Eagle Rock Reservation, Essex County is an eclectic mix of entertainment, business and of course, good eats. From Portuguese to Italian, you’ll find myriad restaurant options throughout this northeast area of the garden state. Many of these local eateries source their vegetation, meats and dairy products from New Jersey farms hosted at daily Farmers Markets.

Cream of the Crop: Boston's Best Farmer's Markets and Farm Stands for Families

       I spend the spring months eagerly awaiting opening day, not at Fenway, but at Adams Park, where on the first Saturday in June, the Roslindale Farmer’s Market begins its summer run. Our farmer’s market outings aren’t just for picking up extra groceries. They are the first sure sign of summer, long lazy mornings spent on picnic blankets watching our daughter play with her neighborhood friends. If you don’t have a local market or farm stand you call your own, check out Tara's post from a few weeks back, or one of these three urban/suburban oases.

Organic Farm Shares in New Jersey

Don’t have a green thumb? Critters spoiling you attempts at a garden again this year? Join a CSA farm. Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a partnership between a local farmer and the people who consume his/her fresh, often organic, produce. Members purchase a "share" of the farm's anticipated harvest. This partnership becomes a win/win situation to the CSA members by giving them the best quality, freshest, widest variety of locally grown produce while ensuring the survival of the farms by guaranteeing the farmer a fair return on his/her efforts. Members pay at the beginning of the season and the farmer delivers a weekly assortment of vegetables, herbs and sometimes fruit as they become available. Each of the farms runs a little differently, so check the websites and choose the program that best suits your family’s needs. And enjoy!

Visit the Farms of Westchester

If you enjoyed our post on the farms of Long Island, you may be excited to hear that there are also farms in Westchester that you can visit with kids. Seriously, less than an hour from New York City your kids can be gamboling with sheep, rounding up chickens, and milking cows.

Indoor Play Spaces in Warren and Sussex Counties

"The sun did not shine. It was too wet to play. So we sat in the house all that cold, cold, wet day."-- Dr. Seuss. Well, you're not making any more of a mess in MY house--my basement looks like a Disney Princess Island of Misfit toys. Even if Punxsutawney Phil predicted an early spring, I'm still not seeing the light at the end of this tunnel. Get out and explore some of the best indoor play spaces in Northwestern NJ--in other words, a place where your kids can make a mess and you don't need to clean it up!

More Cut-Your-Own Christmas Tree Farms in Fairfield County, CT

Growing up, there were four kids in our family, and little could ice the bickering like freezing temps, hot cocoa and pursuit of the perfect tree.  It was one of the best family outings of the year.  There are several Christmas tree farms in Fairfield County, large and small, and the owners have equally fond memories of the many families who come back to them year after year.


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