Fall Activities

A Healthier Option for Halloween Treats

Last year I took the time to count how many calories were in my daughter's Halloween candy haul. It was eye opening and mind-blowing. So this year I'm looking for alternatives to candy that don't suck. That is something to give away for trick or treaters besides apples or pencils and other things that kids don't want and don't make them want to toilet paper your face.

Since I've been doing some Spring cleaning around the house (yeah I'm a little behind) I had a symbiotic dilemma of what to do with all the little plastic goodie bag toys we seem to collect all year long. Bingo.

ArtKids Fall Preview: New and Fun Art to See with Your Kids

This Fall there are lots of new, wonderful art exhibits in the NYC museums. Natasha Schlesinger from ArtKids has offered to share some of the best ones, along with tips for enjoying them with children. So take a break from the same old kid venues and head out for some real art experiences. We've even including some of the museum family programs to make it more kid friendly.

City Island: The Perfect Day Trip for a Fall Weekend

Many New Yorkers associate City Island with summertime (that is, if they even know about it).  Afterall, the main cuisine offered is seafood, there are panoramic water views, and sailboats galore.  However, we find the best time to visit City Island is a) anytime but a Friday or Saturday night (lunchtime is fine) and b) off-season!  Therefore we're recommending it as a perfect weekend daytrip. 

Things to Do Columbus Day Weekend on Long Island: Fall Festivals and Fairs

I have family visiting and I was thinking today that there really couldn't be a better time to visit Long Island than now. Fall is here, it's pumpkin and apple picking season, Fall farms are bustling, and there are plenty of Fall Festivals happening across the island as well. The weather forecast looks great for Columbus Weekend, and here are a few of our favorite suggestions for activities for you and your family to enjoy over the long weekend:


The Best Places to Go Stargazing in New York City

On any given night, it can be hard to find a visible star, let alone a constellation, here in the City. With all of the ambient light, you might think it's near impossible to do any star gazing at all. But even with the neon signs and lights, there are amateur astronomy clubs that gather weekly and find wonders in the nighttime skies, not to mention the university observatories that are open to the public.


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