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Indoor Birthday Party Places in Southern Litchfield County

Raise your hand if, like me, you prefer to host your kids' birthday party somewhere other than your own home.  I see I'm not alone!  For us, it's difficult enough to keep our home neat and tidy, let alone with a gaggle of energetic, excited partygoers, on top of of our usual brood.  So, when it comes to birthday party planning, and since our twins' birthday falls smack in the middle of the dog days of summer, we opt for indoor spots with plenty of AC!  We've compiled a great list of ideas to begin planning your fun, kids birthday party in Southern Litchfield County. For even more great party ideas check out our Party Guide.

Classical Music Camps in Fairfield County

Since keeping music in schools -- in the most basic way -- has become something of a battle, fostering talent may sadly be the furthest thing from educators' minds.  If you're kiddo practices that violin daily, doesn't cringe when Mozart cues up on the iTunes playlist, and -- bonus! -- actually knows who Mozart is, you might be craning around for a classical music camp this summer.  Crane no more.  We've searched and found a handful in Fairfield County -- mostly intense, but all remembering to balance the music instruction with a good time.  If you need more ideas for an all-around artsy type, you may want to round out your summer camp search at upcoming Summer Camp Open Houses in Connecticut or by skimming our Summer Camp Guide.

Mark Twain House Welcomes Young Visitors

Living in New England, we are privileged to dwell in the birthplace of American literature. As Hartford County residents, my family and I enjoy close proximity to the home of one of the most entertaining literary voices: Mark Twain. Though lavishly designed and furnished, his Hartford mansion is a place where children were obviously comfortable, as are today’s young visitors. It might also spark (or strengthen) a lifelong love of reading. This is a museum worth visiting.

Soho Kids' Stores: Cool Clothes, Quirky Toys, Children's Books & High-Tech Workshops

Soho is famous for its high-end shopping. And even though its highest profile children's shop, the Scholastic Store, has closed, there are still some great places in the neighborhood to pick up cool kids' clothes and toys, and enjoy storytime or a high-tech children's workshop. So go beyond the outposts of national chains like Joe Fresh Kids and Diesel Kids, and check out these (mostly) independent small retailers.


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