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Story Pirates Comedy Shows for Kids

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September 19th is International Talk Like a Pirate Day (but really, can't Pirates pretty much just board and take over any day they want?) and to celebrate we thought we'd share a really cool program we just heard about. The Striking Viking Story Pirates are a terrific comedy troop that have nothing to do with pirates except that they steal their ideas from kids stories, comics or barely-legible sentences, and turn them into ridiculous shows performed by puppets and costumed grown ups who wish they were kids, or puppets, or both. Jon Stewart raved about it on Larry King (You know, that crazy, fun kid show) and I'm raving now, in piratese. So avast, me hearties, go smartly and purview the Striking Viking Story Pirates 'ere I slap your bung hole with a hornpipe, aye!

Reader Tips: Water Taxi Bird Watching, Jump and Last Licks


We have been getting lots of great tips from readers in our in box and in the comment section of the site. It's been hard for me to keep up with it all on top of our regular posting. Some of them I've been able to slip into regular posts, but the tips are all too good to let go, so this week and next week I set aside some days that I am going to be posting the great ideas for things to do with kids in New York that you have been sharing.

If you have some tips you'd like to share with us please send them to me.

Thanks to Sharon Kleinhandler, Tricia Gillespie and Neeta Vallab for these tips:

Click Here For A Greener Family


It is easy being green, or at least greener, with these three innovative websites. ECHOage,?  Zwaggle, Green Dimes can help your family think outside the box when it comes to birthday parties, swapping and junk mail, plus, they are all free. Haven't heard of them??  Read on to get the skinny.

Magic Brunch with Ragidy Supreme



This weekend we went to a birthday party that I feel completely comfortable saying had the best children's magician I have ever seen perform. Ragidy Supreme does a show that is completely enthralling to kids and absolutely a hoot for adults. Magician, comedian, kook.

Giveaway-a-Thon Day 3: Fun Fashion Craft Kits


Lots of winners today from yesterday's Prizeapalooza. Evelina won the Kaboost. Rebecca G won the Laughing Pizza concert tickets and CD. And the Blush topless undershirt winners are Izzy's Mama, NeeshaN and Gayle. Thanks everyone who is spreading the word and entering the contests.

And the fun goes on...Today, another great product giveaway created by a local NYC mom. But, before I get into the prizes, a couple of quick notes. Someone brought up the issue of privacy and SPAM yesterday. Be assured, I'm not collecting your email addresses and I wouldn't know what to do with them if I did. You will not get any SPAM from me or any other source when you subscribe to Mommy Poppins or pass a link to a friend through this site.

On the note of subscriptions. If you have subscribed via email, make sure you reply to the verification email in order to activate your subscription. If you can't find your verification email, just resubscribe and reply to the new one.

Now, on to today's giveaway!


What is a Mugwaz? They're really fun fashion craft kits. Kids can create their own fashion accessories from flip flops to bags to belts. The kits are easy enough for preschoolers, but cool enough for tweens and the packaging is almost as much fun as the kits with cute cartoons all over that are fun to read.

Tid Bits: Events, news and our giveaway winner

I often hear that one of the big problems bloggers have is running out of ideas of what to write about. Luckily I have never faced that issue. In fact, I have just the opposite. There are so many amazing things going on in NYC for kids that I actually have a queue of over 50 posts just waiting to be written at any time. I just wish there were more of me so I could get to all of them.

So, in this post I'm going to throw out a bunch of little snippets that I've had sitting in my queue waiting for their day in the sun...and at the end I'll announce the winner of our Warm Biscuit Bedding Company Giveaway.

5 Only-In-NYC Birthday Party Ideas

You don't have to be a hipster parent to not want to have your child's birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese. Do the kids love it? Yes, they do. Is it not exorbitantly expensive? No, it's not? But, you don't pay a gazzilion dollars a month in NYC rent to live in a dresser drawer so that your children can have their birthday parties in a mall. So, Mommy Poppins' elfin detectives have dug up some unique, educational, creative, decidedly New York ideas for kid birthday parties that won't cost a mint.


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