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Tween GoList: 14 NYC Outings to Combat Adolescent Eye Rolls

The tweenage years—it's a tough stage filled with lots of 'tude. As parents, we know they're too old to hold our hands and follow us blindly to the nearest playground...that's way too babyish. But unlike teens, they may not be quite ready to wander around NYC alone for hours without a destination or supervision. That makes planning family outings for this age particularly tricky.

It's challenging to find activities that will entertain you and your tween. That's why this mother of a picky 11-year-old asked her peers and their kids for ideas guaranteed not to prompt one of those infuriating eye rolls. So bark at them to put down whatever gadget they're holding, and try one of these tween-tested-and-approved excursions in NYC.

Best Events for Preschool-Age Kids in NYC This Spring

This spring NYC is filled with great activities and events for preschoolers. From carousels and Easter celebrations to a ladybug release, once you step outside into that sun (that we hear is coming!) you won't want to come back in. Of course, we expect some spring showers, so don't forget about cool theater and museums, including the return of Brick Fest Live, a new circus, and the debut of Gulliver's Gate, the miniature model city going up near Times Square.

Read on for our top picks for spring for NYC kids under age 5, more than two dozen choices, including many FREE events — and leave your coats at home (we hope!). 

Upper East Side with Kids: Top 50 Things to Do for NYC Families

Like the Upper West Side and Park Slope, the Upper East Side is one of those neighborhoods where you can barely go a block without passing some kind of kid-centric business or attraction.

Despite its somewhat snooty reputation, the 'hood has lots of fun (and often affordable!) activities for kids of all ages, from toddlers to teens. From unique play spaces to world-class art museums, lush landscaped parks to lovely independent toy stores, afternoon tea complete with fairy wings to a game of Skee-Ball in a barbecue joint, the Upper East Side has all that plus mansions, parades, public art, towering temples and churches, athletic complexes, and some of the priciest real estate in town.

For the purposes of our post, our geographical boundaries are 59th to 96th Streets between Fifth Avenue and the East River. That's a lot of family-friendly ground to cover so let's dive in with our top 50 things to do with kids on Manhattan's Upper East Side, including the brand-new Second Avenue subway line.

25 Things We Are Excited To Do With Philly Kids this Spring

Springtime in Philly is the perfect time to get outdoors and find some new adventures with your littles. Spring brings so many great activities and fun events for Philly families to do. For many, spring heeds the opening of lots of outdoor play spaces like Diggerland and Sesame Place. Spring also brings blooming flowers, festivals, and pick-your-own season.

Take a look at our events calendar for more springtime activities.

Book-Lover Crawl: 10 Ways Westchester Families can Celebrate Reading

New York City might get all the credit for the best and biggest bookstores, libraries, literary events, and authors, but Westchester is also full of great places to visit and things to do for those who love all things literary. So put your book down for just a minute and check out these 10 family-friendly ideas for book lovers.

Have a budding writer in the family? Check out our list of creative writing classes for Westchester kids.Or sign up for our newsletters to receive more suggestions right in your inbox.

Connecticut 2017 Bestie Guide: Best Places for Family Fun

Connecticut is an outstanding place to raise a family (no bias here, right?) and Mommy Poppins Connecticut readers are crème de la crème. That's some simple, reliable math. Best place to be + best readers and parents = insight into the absolute best places to visit with children. 

In January, we sought your expertise and asked all of you to help us choose our Besties: vote for the best museums, family businesses, entertainment venues, and other categories that add magic to childhood in Connecticut. You graciously answered our request and now the results are in. You chose from 10 nominees in 23 categories (and two voters were picked at random to enjoy great prizes from our wonderful sponsors). The contest is now over, but you can learn about it by browsing Besties FAQ.

We have grouped the results into three winning categories: Best Places for Family Fun, Enrichment Programs, and Parenting Resources. 

Here's your chance to learn a bit more about each winner of the 2017 Connecticut Besties! 

Best Enrichment Programs | Best Parenting Resources

2017 Philadelphia Bestie Guide: Parenting Resources Winners

Philadelphia families, you have spoken! In 2017 we asked you all to weigh in on Philadelphia's Besties—the best family businesses and resources in categories that range from best restaurants, parties, activities, and more. With all the great family fun experiences and resources in Philadelphia, it was hard to choose just 24, but you were up to the task! Each winner was selected from a competitive crop of 10 nominees in each category.

A special thank you to the Bestie Sponsors, and congratulations to the four lucky voters who were picked at random to enjoy some amazing prizes!

The votes are finally in, and we couldn't be more excited about our winners. We've grouped them into three winning categories: Parenting Resources, Enrichment Programs, and Family Fun. 

Without further ado, here is your guide to the best of family-friendly Philadelphia, the 2017 Philadelphia Besties!

Best Family Fun Winners | Best Enrichment Programs Winners 

2017 Connecticut Bestie Guide: Best Enrichment Programs

We asked all of you—our awesome Connecticut parents—to vote for the best family businesses and resources in 23 categories. By choosing from 10 nominees in each category (two voters were picked at random to enjoy great prizes from our sponsors!), you have enabled us to assemble the Connecticut Bestie Guide, highlighting the voter-favorites.

We have grouped the results into three winning categories: Best Places for Family Fun, Enrichment Programs, and Parenting Resources.

Here's your chance to learn a bit more about each winner of the 2017 Connecticut Besties!

Best Places for Family Fun | Best Parenting Resources


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