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2017 Westchester Bestie Guide: Parenting Resources Winners

We know Westchester is one of the best places to raise a family, and our Mommy Poppins readers are the ones who help make it that way. We asked you to weigh in on the best enrichment programs, family fun and parenting resources in Westchester and the Lower Hudson Valley for our Bestie Awards. We presented an extremely competitive crop of choices, and the people have spoken!
A special thank you to our Bestie Sponsors, Great Wolf Lodge and Quassy Amusement Park and Water Park.

Without further ado, here is your guide to the best of family-friendly Westchester, the 2017 Westchester Besties!

Best Family Fun Winners | Best Enrichment Programs Winners

100 Things To Do on Long Island with Kids Before They Grow Up

We are fortunate in so many ways to live on Long Island. In what other region of the country can you pack your kids up for a morning train ride to New York City, then whisk them off later to one of the Hamptons’ most desirable beaches?

From Nassau County to Suffolk and all the way to the East End, Long Island has creative play spaces, wonderful children's museums, farm fun, great parks and playgrounds, over-the-top seasonal celebrations, and even amusement and water park fun. And that’s just a beginning.

How do you pick 100 activities every family on Long Island must experience? Well, it’s not scientific. We have no algorithms to determine them for us. Instead, we rely on you, our Mommy Poppins’ Long Island enthusiasts, for ideas, as well as our parent-strong local parent writers.

Here’s what we came up we came with, but we’re still open to suggestions. Chime in to the conversation with us on Facebook.

25 Things to Do with Kids in Springfield, MA—Dr. Seuss Museum and More!

Springfield always surprises me with its rich culture, history, and capacity for family fun. It is a city of firsts, and learning about its past may inspire your child to become a pioneer of the future. There's so much to do in Greater Springfield, including riding roller coaster, enjoying a peaceful meeting with an alpaca, and—starting June 3—visiting the brand-new Dr. Seuss Museum. Plus, it's just the right distance for a short getaway from Boston or Connecticut. Read on for 25 fun family activities to do while you’re there, whether it’s for a day or two, or more.

100 Things To Do with Kids in Westchester Before They Grow Up

One of our favorite things about being moms is rediscovering curiosity, joy and beauty through a child's eye. And while we can't stop our little ones from growing up, we can do our best to share meaningful experiences with them, expose them to some of our interests, and encourage their budding passions.

To that end, we're offering up our top 100 things to do with kids in and around Westchester. Whether it's visiting a local museum or romping in one our area's beautiful park, these activities are sure to create lasting memories and quality family fun. You've probably already experienced several of our picks, but chances are that you haven't gotten to them all just yet. Why not start this weekend?

Read on for 100 must-do, family-friendly activities throughout Westchester with kids (in no particular order).


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