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Things to Do in Astoria and Down Under The Triborough

The incredible popularity of DUMBO has created this new love for New Yorkers and that is hanging out in the magical and somewhat creepy space that is created under our massive bridges. If you are one of these LOSUBs (lovers of spaces under bridges), and getting tired of loitering under the various Brooklyn crossings, I have a new one for you that won't disappoint - the Triborough. Head to this neighborhood of Queens for a great day of water fun, ethnic eats, a kid-friendly beer garden, and maybe even a fun Museum stop.

Presenting Our NYC Neighbrhood Guide for Families

200806100049.jpg Today we are launching a new page on the site, The Mommy Poppins New York City Neighborhood Guide for Families. This guide is a NYC neighborhood guide specifically written for families. In its pages you will find the best toy stores, parks, shopping, family friendly dining and tons of fun places to visit in each neighborhood. You'll find that each post covers its neighborhood with a unique voice that reflects the style of the community. That's because each post in this guide has been written by a NYC neighborhood blogger, parent blogger or other prominent community member who lives and breathes their neighborhood. We figured, who knows the ins and outs of each community better than them?

Whether you are looking for a fun new place to explore for the afternoon, or new digs to settle for good, we hope our neighborhood guide will excite you to explore some of the amazing neighborhoods of New York and the best places in NYC for kids.

Linkin' Blogs: Bad Baby Names, Brooklyn Openings, Art Walks and More


Links to the best of everything kid and parenting related in the NYC media for the last week.

Bad Baby Names
Will having an unusual name make your baby do poorly in school, be unpopular or even possibly become a criminal or a delinquent? A new book Bad Baby Names investigates??”NY Times

Coney Island Amusements Now Open
The Brooklyn Paper reports that Coney Island amusement parks opened this weekend, almost a month early. It's possible this will be the last year of Coney Island as we know it, so take advantage of the early opening to get in some extra trips out there.

Best New York City Candy Stores for Kids of All Ages

brandtoprightimage8.gifFor a little Valentines' Day fun, we thought we'd check out the best candy stores in NYC for kids of all ages. With a gaggle of hyper children, we've been trooping all over Manhattan sampling treats and discovering what's what in the New York candy world. (It's a tough job, but someone's got to do it.)

We taped the whole thing and will be posting the short videos over the next several days. Take a look at the first one we've posted today for some sugar-addled fun. Perhaps you'll be inspired to make a Valentine's Day outing with your little sweeties.

Book of the Week: Cool Parent's Guide to All of New York

Some of my very favorite posts to write on this site are the excursions. I love planning a day out in the city with the kids in some great neighborhood to explore, figuring out where to eat and digging up some off the beaten path finds. Unfortunately they are also the most time-consuming posts to write and I don't get to do nearly as many as I'd like to. In fact, I have a very long list of excursions that I'd love to write up, but need to do the leg-work before I feel like I can.

Until I get around to my very long list of NYC kid outings, there's a great book that is very much in the spirit of this site. The Cool Parents' Guide to All of New York: Excursions and Activities in and Around Our City That Your Children Will Love and You Won't Think Are Too Bad Either is a guide book that is just as good for families who live here as it is for visitors. It takes you on fabulous day trips through the city and covers a lot of those spots that even been there done that New Yorkers either haven't been or forgot about.

Armchair Exploring: Cool sites to discover off-the-beaten-path New York

Running around and exploring New York is great, but sometimes with kids and toddlers on the scene you'd rather just explore the city from the comfort of your desk chair. This post is a collection of sites that take you to great off the beaten track places around NYC without ever getting off your...laptop.

Whether you use it as a little fantasy armchair exploring or to plan real excursions to tote the kids on, either way you'll get a cool reminder of all the nooks and crannies that make New York City amazing and endlessly fun to explore.

A Kid's Guide to New York Underground: Subways and Beyond

Some kids are obsessed with the subways of NYC. They memorize the maps and know the trains inside and out. Other kids amble along the city streets never giving a second thought to what lies beneath. But at some point every kid wants to know what those big steam chimneys are for and if there really are alligators in the sewers. Here's some really cool places you can start to explore the world beneath our streets.


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