Parties for Boston Kids Who Love to Cook

Got a budding chef in the house who loves to help with the cooking? Can’t get your kid out of the kitchen? Then a cooking party might  just be the perfect way to celebrate your child’s birthday!

We've found 4 culinary adventure parties for kids in and around Boston. Whether you're looking for a chef who will come to you or you'd rather go someplace where everything you need is already there, we've got the 411. Read on for all the details. (Warning: Reading this post may make you hungry, or possibly even cause you to drool.)

Poppins Parents: Fitness Dad, Ryan T. Debin

The Greater Boston community is rich with parents who make a difference in the lives of local families. We’ve decided it’s high time we started recognizing those parents, people like Ryan T. Debin, new owner of My Gym in Medfield.

We interviewed Ryan because we wanted to know more about him and his exciting new adventure with My Gym. We also had to find out how, as a 13-time Boston Marathoner with four kids, he manages to do it all.

Read on for the first interview in our new series, Poppins Parents, with Ryan T. Debin (RTD), fitness dad extraordinaire. 

Winter Farmers' Markets In and Around Boston

Farmers’ Markets present great opportunities for supporting local farmers and buying foods you can feel good about giving to your kids. The markets are also wonderful for cultivating a sense of community, finding unique gifts, enjoying live music, and learning something new.

Even though it’s winter, your family shouldn't be deprived of the farmers’ market experience! Read on for this year's Boston-area winter markets. (Sadly, a couple of markets we featured last year are not running this year, but there are new winter markets in Medford, Brookline and Newton.)

Please note: We are currently updating this post with information for this winter

STEM Fun Activities for Boston Kids

We are always hearing how it’s important for our kids to be strong in the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) disciplines. This keeps us on the lookout for opportunities to get our kids engaged in activities to help cultivate their interest.

Read on for a roundup of new and upcoming places, spaces, events and programs that will get your kids excited about STEM. And, most of them are free!

Weathering a Winter Birthday

My kids have cold-weather birthdays, and when it comes time to plan their parties, I often find myself fantasizing about a summer backyard birthday party, with kids running around in the grass, playing games, and blowing bubbles.

Are you in the same boat? If your child has a late fall or winter birthday, and you’re looking for ideas to overcome (or circumvent) the low temps, stuffy noses, and busy schedules that often accompany the season, read on. Whether it’s a strategy of avoiding or embracing winter birthday challenges, here are a few that have worked for us. 


Helping Others Pick Up the Pieces After Sandy: Things Boston Kids and Parents Can Do Together

When Superstorm Sandy slammed into the East Coast and left our home virtually (and miraculously) untouched, I feel like we dodged a bullet. I look at the damage – nay, total devastation – done elsewhere, and wonder how we got so lucky. Many of the writers and their readers at our Mommy Poppins sister sites in NYC, Long Island, New Jersey and Connecticut lost power and sustained major damage to their homes and their neighborhoods.  My heart aches for them and all the other families who lost so much in the storm, and I feel a strong pull to help those who weren’t as fortunate as we were. If you, too, blessedly emerged from Sandy unscathed, you might feel the same way. Read on for ways you and your children can help.

Three New Places for Boston Families to Make Really Cool Things

Just in time for the upcoming days off from school (Election Day for some, Veteran’s Day, the Thanksgiving holiday) we’ve found a few new places for Boston families to make really cool things with glass, wood, beads, wax, pastry, clay – you name it. This is also a great time to start making truly special, one-of-a-kind gifts for the holidays. These three finds offer fabulous birthday parties as well. So, when you have a couple of hours to fill, a need for a really special gift, or a party to plan, check out one of these crafty places.

Hurricane Sandy in the Forecast: Get Ready!

Whether making a direct path for Boston or simply threatening to hit with high winds, a hurricane can wreak havoc on the unprepared. Rather than panic, though, when the news reports begin to hint of an impending storm, it's definitely worth spending some time to be sure you and your family are ready to handle emergencies that can arise. (Batteries? Check. Flashlights? Check. Water? Check.) Read on for a roundup of some sound advice about hurricane preparedness from a number of reliable sources.


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