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25 Ways to Spend a Morning with Your Toddler in Boston

Once you've gotten through breakfast and downed your second (or third) cup of coffee, have you ever looked at your toddler and thought, "what the heck am I going to do with you today?" Too young for many full-time schools or camps, too old to just tag along on errands all day, toddlers are suited for fun, interactive activities that don't require a long attention span and will tucker them out for their afternoon nap. Fortunately for parents and caregivers, there are a plenty of great local activities that will get you both out of the house; and many attractions are 100% free for toddlers.

10 Summer Festivals For Boston Families

Summer is just about here and there’s no better time to get outside with the kids than right now. Whether you’re headed to the beach or going on a hike, outdoor fun abounds during this season. And one of the best ways to soak it up is at Boston’s many summertime festivals. The 10 listed here are all super kid-friendly and will make for a memorable summer day.

Top Things to Do With Kids on the MBTA Blue Line

The MBTA's Blue Line gets a bad rap: It's shorter than the other T lines, such as the Orange and Green lines, and doesn't pass through any particularly hip neighborhoods. But there is a surprising amount of sights families can enjoy at most of the Blue Line's dozen stations. Here's a quick look at the top eight kid-friendly stops along this subway line.

How to Explore the Museum of Science With Kids of Different Ages and Interests

A parent walks into the Museum of Science. Strolling along on one side is a 4-year-old boy. On the other side is his 9-year-old brother. With a little planning, it's not as difficult as it might sound to make this day work out for everyone. Here are some tips to keep everyone happy at the Museum of Science when there's an age gap or varied interests with kids.

The Science Behind Pixar: Museum of Science's Coolest Exhibit Ever for Kids?

My children and I were lucky enough to attend the press preview of the new Pixar exhibit at the Museum of Science, and boy, do I mean lucky, because everything about it exceeded our expectations. From the moment we walked in, the dazzling lighting made us feel like we were walking right onto a movie set. After a short film featuring Pixar employees and the creative challenges they've overcome in some of the films we know and love, we opened the doors to an amazing scene.

Read on for some of the exhibit's highlights, as well as a few tips to get the most out of your visit.

Disney On Ice presents Frozen: A Parent Review

When we heard that Disney on Ice presents Frozen was coming to Boston, you can imagine the excitement level in our house.  (Sometimes I wonder if the Elsa craze contributed to the "freezing" of Boston these last couple of weeks. There has to be some sort of correlation, right!?)  

We went on Valentine's Day afternoon, under the threat of a blizzard, and we had a really fun time.  Even our one-year-old was dancing to the music and screamed, "Wow!" when (spoiler alert) Kristoff and Anna kissed at the end.  Below is my candid parent review, followed by five insider tips at the end.

4D Movies at the Museum of Science: A Candid Mom's Review

The Museum of Science recently sent me tickets to check out the 4D movies it is currently showing: Dora & Diego and Happy Feet. My three year old doesn't nap anymore, but every afternoon we have "rest time," when I'll put on a short movie to let her body rest. I was excited to switch it up and go experience something a little different for an afternoon. But let me tell you, it was the opposite of "rest time"! 4D movies feature multi-sensory effects to provide a thrilling immersion into short films. Sure, I knew this going in, but I thought, "What could be so thrilling about a cartoon penguin and a pre-schooler?"

Really Cool Sleepovers for Boston Kids: Overnights at Museums and Area Attractions

Even if your kids haven’t seen Night at the Museum or read The Mixed Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler, the appeal of staying overnight in a museum or zoo seems to be universal. These favorite destinations, within an hour’s drive from Boston, make the fantasy a reality. For a night your child will be talking about for a long time, read on and start planning your family or group slumber party among science exhibits, with nocturnal animals, on a battleship, or in a baseball stadium

Free Admission to Boston Museums

Visiting museums in the city of Boston can get pricey, especially when you bring the whole family. But there are times and ways to get free admission to our city’s world class, family-friendly museums. A huge bonus: On days when these museums offer free admission, they often have special programs and activities for families, like art-making workshops or live performances. Read on to find out how to give your kids the world for a dollar or less per person.

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