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The Best Places for a Family-Friendly Breakfast or Brunch in Boston

Dining out with kids isn’t always a fun proposition, but breakfast or brunch can be a great time to go to a restaurant with the whole family. Kids tend to be less cranky earlier in the day, and morning menu offerings suit even picky palates. That’s fine with us, because we love breakfast—french toast! omelets! coffee!—best of all. 

Disney On Ice presents Frozen: A Parent Review

When we heard that Disney on Ice presents Frozen was coming to Boston, you can imagine the excitement level in our house.  (Sometimes I wonder if the Elsa craze contributed to the "freezing" of Boston these last couple of weeks. There has to be some sort of correlation, right!?)  

We went on Valentine's Day afternoon, under the threat of a blizzard, and we had a really fun time.  Even our one-year-old was dancing to the music and screamed, "Wow!" when (spoiler alert) Kristoff and Anna kissed at the end.  Below is my candid parent review, followed by five insider tips at the end.

6 Indoor Birthday Party Places for Active Kids in Boston

Jump, climb, run, skate - some kids just have to keep on moving. Lucky for these kids, there are plenty of indoor spaces to host a birthday party in Boston that allow kids to harness some of that energy. Since the party places are all indoors, no need to worry about rain, snow, heat or cold. And what may be the best thing about hosting at an indoor birthday party place? No mess, minimal fuss, and great fun for parents, too!

Read on for details about indoor birthday party places in Boston where you can host a party and not worry about kids breaking anything or having to use “inside voices, please.” Find even more birthday ideas in our Party Guide: Birthday Party Places for Kids in MA.


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