7 of the Best Playgrounds in Boston

Going to your local playground is the perfect activity for free summer fun. But sometimes you're away from home and in need of a jungle gym for the kids to play on. Luckily there are several really special playgrounds in Boston that are just waiting for you to explore. No matter what neighborhood you're in, chances are there's a great playground nearby. Here are seven of the best in Boston.

Yoga Classes for Boston Moms and Babies

Pregnancy and the weeks after birth are a special time in the life of a mom and her baby. Many local yoga studios offer classes tailored specifically to new and expectant moms to exercise, relax, and connect with other women who are pregnant or have recently given birth. Classes are offered all over the Boston area, which means there’s likely a studio nearby. And if you have older children (anywhere from toddlers to teens) looking to get in on the yoga action, check out our guide to yoga classes and birthday parties just for them.

Classes For Kids in Charlestown, MA

Given its close proximity to downtown and the airport, beautiful new parks, and kid-friendly streets, families are flocking to Charlestown, MA and staying put.  Because of this influx, businesses are stepping up to the plate to meet the demand for enrichment classes in the area. Read on for the details about Charlestown's classes for expectant moms, babies, toddlers -- all the way up to big kids.  

20 Things To Do With Kids In Charlestown

Located on the banks of the Boston Harbor, Charlestown has become increasingly popular for young families due to its proximity to the city and neighborhood feel.  Made famous by several landmarks like the Bunker Hill Monument and Old Ironsides, Charlestown offers plenty to do for kids in all seasons.  It's hard to believe this 'hood is only one square mile! 

6 Indoor Birthday Party Places for Active Kids in Boston

Jump, climb, run, skate - some kids just have to keep on moving. Lucky for these kids, there are plenty of indoor spaces to host a birthday party in Boston that allow kids to harness some of that energy. Since the party places are all indoors, no need to worry about rain, snow, heat or cold. And what may be the best thing about hosting at an indoor birthday party place? No mess, minimal fuss, and great fun for parents, too!

Read on for details about indoor birthday party places in Boston where you can host a party and not worry about kids breaking anything or having to use “inside voices, please.” Find even more birthday ideas in our Party Guide: Birthday Party Places for Kids in MA.

More December Vacation Camps for Boston Kids

Are you still looking for good camp options for December Vacation? Need some structure for your little one during the time off from preschool, or a great gift for your budding artist? We’ve found a few more vacation week camps, and a couple of them are for little tykes, too! Read on to find out more about camps for nature enthusiasts, LEGO fanatics, young artists, and preschoolers with a lot of energy to burn. 

Two in Tow: 5 Indoor Places to Take Baby & Toddler

The weather has turned chilly in the city, which means parents everywhere scramble to one of Boston's museums to entertain cooped up toddlers. But that's not always easy when you have an infant and a toddler; you want to get out of the house, but the idea of fighting the crowds is daunting.  Now that I officially have “two in tow” I’ve been searching for more creative (READ: easier) places to take them that don’t require 1) A lot of walking around, and 2) A huge parking lot.   

The combination of kids, winter, and the city sure is a tough one.  Getting out of the house is key, but it doesn't have to be an epic adventure.  Here are 5 places that are manageable to bring an immobile infant and a toddler with energy to burn.


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