10 Enrichment Classes for Boston Babies

Photo courtesy of The Loved Child
From art and music to swimming and soccer, here's where to sign up for classes with your little one.

As a new mom, I really looked forward to doing classes in subjects like music and art with my son. At first I thought we’d have to wait until he was older to do any sort of formal enrichment activity, but I soon learned that there are a ton of options available for even the littlest babies. These classes are a great way to bond and are perfect for providing much-needed stimulation for babies that are past the newborn stage. So here’s a roundup of 10 classes that are designed especially for Boston babies. 

There are plenty of programs around Boston that help babies become more comfortable in the water. Photo courtesy of Goldfish Swim School

1. Swimming
The first class I signed my little one up for when he turned six months old was parent-child swim lessons. We’re enrolled at Little Flippers in Winchester because it worked well with our schedule and was convenient to get to from our home in Somerville. The facility is super clean, the teachers are energetic and it’s been a great bonding experience. Can’t get to Little Flippers? There are lots of local options for doing swim lessons with a baby.

2. Music
Next up for us is going to be a music class, and I have my eye on a Groovy Baby Music option called Music Together. Music is something babies can enjoy at a really young age, so Music Together allows you to sign up with your newborn. The classes take place in Cambridge, Boston, Somerville, Charlestown and Brookline. Here’s a comprehensive list of other places to take music classes in and around the city.

Sea Squirts learn about life under the water. Photo courtesy of New England Aquarium

3. Science
Boston is a really STEM-focused city, so it’s no surprise that there are science classes for even the youngest among us. The New England Aquarium offers a preview of its Sea Squirts program for babies ages 12-24 months. The classes introduce children to a classroom setting and provide for plenty of time to explore the aquarium’s exhibits.

4. Art
Children as young as 17 months can take art classes at Little Groove Music & Art in the South End. In the 40-minute sessions, kids enjoy sensory activities that teach them practical things like fine motor skills as well as how to use their creativity. The classes go through age 5, so if your child loves art, this is a great place to build skills.

My Gym's Waddlers classes are for kids 14-22 months. Photo courtesy of My Gym

5. Movement
If your little one loves to move, head to My Gym, where babies can begin taking classes when they are as young as six weeks old. The sessions focus on introducing music and movement at age-appropriate levels to aid in your baby’s development. My Gym offers classes for a variety of ages, so if your child really loves them, you can continue going through the years.

6. Dance
Babies as young as three months old can begin to feel the groove with classes at Urbanity Dance in Boston. As soon as your baby can crawl, he or she is ready to enroll in one of Urbanity’s youth programs, which introduce children to a structured dance class environment. Props, music, and instruments allow babies to explore basic dance movements while developing social skills.

Kick & Play classes for toddlers. Photo courtesy of Super Soccer Stars 

7. Soccer
If you have a budding soccer player at home, get them started early with Super Soccer Stars Kick & Play at the Boston JCC. Held at the Leventhal-Sidman Center in Newton, the program is designed to give 12- to 24-month olds the chance to develop pre-soccer skills like balance, kicking, and running. Lots of positive reinforcement means everyone feels like a winner.

8. Spanish 
Introduce your baby to Spanish through music and play at ABC Spanish in Motion in Charlestown, the South End, or Newton. The classes begin for children as young as six months old and introduce them to the Spanish language and Latin American culture through songs, dancing, jumping and more. Want to try a class before you sign up? Attend one of ABC’s free demo classes.
9. Play
The Loved Child in Belmont offers Play & Parenting classes for babies as young as 5 months. The weekly sessions include a period of structured play, time for free play, and support for parents/caregivers. Children participate in age-appropriate activities that are both fun and educational, with a big focus on early literacy.

10. Yoga
Yoga is one of my favorite hobbies and I’m excited to introduce it to my baby once he’s older. There are many studios throughout Boston that offer classes for kids, but J-9’s Kids Yoga is one of the few places where children as young as 1 can participate. The sessions take place at Bow Street Yoga in Somerville on Fridays and are a great way to introduce children to yoga through poses, breathing, and songs.

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