Artuta - Online Art School for Kids

Become a member of the experiential online art class that enhances your children's imagination. Artuta focuses on deepening students' relationships with their artistic practice, which in turn builds their self-confidence.

Here's how Artuta focuses on cultivating your children's creativity:

  • In a small class, students receive individualized and personal attention.
  • Students are able to share their artwork through Artuta’s special picture-sharing platform.
  • Students from all around the world inspire each other by sharing their ideas and artworks.

Here's why you should enroll your children in the upcoming Summer Session:

  • Learn fundamental creativity in visual art and beyond with professional artists.
  • Artuta’s active learning approach is designed to spark your child's imagination.
  • Material available in your home; instructors hunt for special and unique items for you so that your child focuses on creativity more.

Artuta has been contributing to expanding children’s hand-on art experience for some years with its philosophy and vision: 

“Find your own artistic style.”
Artuta believes that everyone has an inner artist and everyone is creative in their own way. Artuta is here to help unleash your children’s inner artist, nurture their creativity and find their artistic style.

“Make art fun for everyone.”
The ability to express yourself freely through art is what makes art fun. Artuta honors individuality by creating projects aimed at sharing individual interests and experiences.

“Connect people through art.”
The greatest benefit of virtual learning is its accessibility. You can learn together with classmates from different cities or different countries through virtual learning.

For more detail, please visit Artuta’s website. Artuta is looking forward to seeing you in the classroom.

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