Uptown Treasures Celebration: 8 Museums, One Shuttle, Dozens of Free Activities

Poppins-pick.gifMost people who visit Washington Heights or Inwood for the first time will remark to me, "This neighborhood is great! I never knew a place like this existed in Manhattan!" Well, my fellow New Yorkers, if you have never been to the northern part of Manhattan, this Sunday you have no excuses. Besides the beautiful weather, Uptown Treasures is hosting a day of free family activities and events at eight awesome northern Manhattan sites, and to make things super easy for you, it will be complete with complimentary shuttle service that will schlep you between locations.

Some of these sites should already be on your to do list:

Linkin B'logs: Warnings About Tylenol, Liking One Child More Than The Other, Winter '08 Forecast and More

I love three-day weekends, they should all be at least three days in my opinion.  This weeks line-up of news includes a lot of warnings and suggestions from the medical world that all parents should be aware of including a warning about Tylenol for kids.  Also, find out what forecasters are saying about the upcoming NYC winter (dust off your skis), musings on the greatest parenthood taboo of all time (liking one kid more than the other) and the latest Palin buzz (she's doing SNL).

Halloween Kiddie Cruise Giveaway

Back in August we did a giveaway for 4 complimentary tickets to the Kiddie Cruise and it was so popular, we are doing it again but this time two lucky Mommy Poppinistas will win 4 tickets to the Halloween Kiddie Cruise.

Setting sail on Oct. 26 at noon, the Halloween Kiddie Cruise will take you on a ghoulishly fun two hour tour of the Hudson. The cruise ship is a 3 level Louisiana-Style paddle-wheel boat that is packed full of Halloween kiddie entertainment. Recommended for kids ages 2 to 8, you can expect face painting, balloon sculpting, arts and crafts, magic shows, performances, story telling, live music, raffles and yummy food for kids and adults.

Keep reading for details on how to enter...

Free Fun Friday - Free Cooking Classes, Fall Festivals and Local Pumpkin Picking

IMG_0383.JPGFall has arrived and it's time to get yourself some pumpkins! Check out our posts on the best pumpkin picking and apple picking in the area if you want to head out of town. Or, you can stock up on pumpkins and fall fun right here in NYC with the top picks of this weekend's local pumpkin events. Plus, did you know that there are lots of free kids cooking classes available this weekend? Keep reading for the full scoop...

Columbus Day Weekend Fall Festivals on Long Island


Picture 1.jpgFall brings lots of things with it: cool mornings and chilly nights, great colors and foliage, plenty of Holidays, and, it's a great time of year for getting out of the city to enjoy the crisp Fall air. So we're giving you a couple more reasons to hop on the LIE for some Fall Festivals worth a day trip this Columbus Day Weekend.

For more fall day trip ideas and Long Island fun check out our New York Halloween Guide.

Homemade Children's Halloween Costume Ideas

I am terrible at planning in advance for Halloween.   Alright, I admit it, I'm terrible at planning in advance for everything, but in some very rare cases this can be a good thing. Halloween, is all about getting creative. Sometimes being a slacker-mom on Halloween forces you and your kids to be more creative and have more fun since you are left with putting together a costume that you can make with what you already have or what is easy to get.

Keep reading to find out some great toddler and kid Halloween costume ideas that almost entirely use stuff you either already have or can find in a stationary store.  Plus, the best last minute costume ideas on the interweb.

How to Get a Spot in Pre-K for This Year!

The DOE has left 6000 Pre-K spots vacant this school year and is now scrambling to fill them. With a deadline of October 31st, the city is urging parents to apply for these free public Pre-K spots still available at some of NYC's top public schools. We've got the inside scoop on what's going on and how to get one of these free Pre-K spots.

Three ways to streamline your life and save money from your desk

200810062316.jpgIf you think this blog is called Mommy Poppins 'cause I'm some sort of uber mom, you couldn't be more wrong. Although I admit I love organizing things, in theory, I also love procrastinating, avoiding and flat out ignoring all those yucky, boring chores that go along with being a parent. Case in point, I'm sitting here typing this while knowing I haven't filled out my kids' picture day forms, I only know where one of them is, oh, and picture day is tomorrow...And these chores are endless. You could seriously do nothing but buy shoes, and schedule dentist appointments, not to mention groceries and meals, SNACKS!, lunches! What about new toothbrushes every 6 months! Who has the time?!!

In order to be as good a procrastinator as I am, I've had to develop some good organizational habits to streamline some of those yucky chores, leaving me free to, well, mostly do all those other chores that I should have done last week. I thought today I'd share some of them. They're not big revolutionary secrets, but they do save me some time and money and hopefully will save you some too. Plus there's a giveaway at the end.

Linkin Blogs: Better Sex, Financial Perspective, New Clothes and More

Ahh, another week in news. The debates everyone was dying to watch turned out to be fairly dull, I suspect I wasn't the only working mom out there that couldn't even stay awake. And then there was the crazy karmic coincidence of OJ being convicted 13 years to the day of his last acquittal.

Keep reading to get the low down on how you can feel better about your finances, pick up some fashion tips and realize that your sex-starved partner is not alone (so tell him to stop complaining already).


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