Staten Island Zoo

It’s true that the Staten Island Zoo isn’t the most extravagant and is the Bronx Zoo’s smaller cousin, but its still has a whole lot to offer and is a great place for kids to really hang out with animals.

In 2007, a newly renovated Reptile Wing opened with an extensive collection of reptiles and amphibians, and a “Fear Zone” that teaches visitors the truth, and talks about the myths behind venomous creatures. It really is a lot of fun and teaches kids respect for these animals, instead of fear.

Staten Island Parks

Staten Island, though perhaps infamously known for the dump (which is currently being turned into a mega-park), is actually the “greenest borough.” Since Central Park is a bit of trek for locals, they can be found riding bikes, feeding the ducks and rowing boats in one of many of the island’s green playgrounds. Here’s a look at some that are definitely worth the free ferry ride over.

Family Friendly Shows at the St. George Theater

This historic theater, once the most lively and gorgeous on Staten Island, was renovated and reopened within the last few years, and is bringing the theatrical heyday back to the island.

The vaudeville house first opened in 1929, with a Wurlizter organ, one of the largest cantilevered balconies ever built, velvet seats, gilded balconies and grand staircases. Today, the theater emits that same old movie house feeling and really has the power to take you back to Olde New York.

The Best Off the Beaten Path Museums on Long Island

Recently, fellow Mommy and Long Island Native Jill DeMarco spent some time checking out some of the coolest ways to beat the heat - museums, and here she's rounded up some of the funnest and most unique ones to visit with kids. Thanks, Jill for sharing this with us!

Did you know that there are over 200 museums on Long Island...just the Island! Once you have checked out the basics on Museum Row, which other museums are really worth checking out with kids? Some of the unique museums we have out here are actually better to visit with kids because they are smaller and less intimidating; yet your kids still see and learn about cool new stuff they might otherwise have missed. We've rounded up a few of the best off the beaten path museums that you may not have heard of:  

Museum Row: One Stop Museum Hopping on Long Island

Museum Row in Garden City is a one stop shopping for some of Long Island’s finest museums. This is where you will find the Island’s top 3 museums that are terrific for children. It is a great place for families to go when looking for some educational discovery time or just plain old fashioned fun.

The Best Long Island Libraries

This post was written for us by Jill DeMarco.

I have to get out of the house! I know it is already officially Spring, but not every day is park weather. So where is a bored mom to go? The library!   I always forget how great the library is and how a good one can keep us all entertained for hours...oh and did I mention it’s FREE? Almost all our local LI libraries with a children’s department have programs geared towards kids of all ages and most usually have a play and reading area, toys and many have computers for our budding electronic generation. But, a few libraries have special amenities that make them even more enjoyable and are worth a visit:

Free Swimming Events in New York City

It may be April showers outside now, but it'll be bright, sunny and 75 degrees before you know it. You can plunge into the spirit of summer right now and get swimming season off to an early start with these free indoor swimming events that are perfect for kids of all ages. Read on to find out about YMCA Splash Week free swimming lessons and water safety and Asphalt Green's Big Swim event. 

Free NYC Weekend Events for Kids April 10-12: Easter Bunnies, Hunts and Parades, Plus Earth Day, Squirrels and a Book Swap

The bad news is it looks like rain is in the forecast for Saturday. The good news is that if you want to brave the weather and go to an Easter Egg Hunt in New York City or Long Island anyway, the crowds won't be so bad. But make sure to check the websites or call ahead and find out if the event is cancelled or not before heading out.

Either way, we've got the skinny for the best Easter activities and alternative cool, free events for this weekend:

NY Botanical Garden's 'Chocolate and Vanilla Adventures' Worth a Visit

Living literally down the block from New York Botanical Garden, I have the pleasure of visiting with my 1 year old, Pearl, at least once or twice a week. As many of you know, in addition to offering acres and acres of natural beauty, NYBG also provides some great programming for kids. Although Pearl is pretty much too young to really enjoy many of the kids activities, I recently took a stroll though the Everett Children’s Garden to check out ‘Chocolate and Vanilla Adventures,’ an educational component of The Orchid Show aimed at introducing kids to the history of the vanilla orchid and Theobrama cacao tree.

Secret NYC Parenting Resource: Your Local College

School might be the last place you'd think of taking your kids for entertainment, but The City University of New York system features fantastic family fun on the syllabus all year ‘round. And the best part? You don’t even need to be an alumna to enjoy it. So whether your kid is into ballet, rock, reading, theater or the circus, your local CUNY college has got you covered—and usually at a much lower price than you’d pay for similar activities elsewhere.

Let us school you on your upcoming shows or check their sites for more upcoming performances:



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