High Teas in New York City with Kids: Lady Mendl's Tea Salon

Lady Mendl's is a true Victorian tea salon in a brownstone on Irving Place near Union Square. Walk up the stoop and through the all but unmarked door for an elegant, classic five course English afternoon tea in a Victorian era brownstone parlor. Sit on couches by the fireplace or at elegantly set tables and enjoy a filling afternoon tea of sandwiches, scones with Devonshire clotted cream and jam, desserts and bottomless pots of tea from a wide selection, including several of their own blends.

There are no gimmicks here or a child's menu. The fun of Lady Mendl's is in its "grown-upness'" and authenticity. Lady Mendl's is not for pretend playing, it's a true escape into another time and place for a few hours.

Afternoon Children's Tea At The Russian Tea Room


Having afternoon tea (sometimes also called high tea) can be a fun outing with kids whether you are celebrating a special occasion or looking for a memorable part of your visit to New York. The Russian Tea Room's Children's Tea offers a relatively affordable and fun way to experience this legendary restaurant right next to Carnegie Hall in Midtown.

The Russian Tea Room's Children's Tea includes a selection of hot teas or a hot chocolate that comes with both whipped cream and mini marshmallows, so, ironically, children can experience the tradition of afternoon tea without actually sipping on tea at all.

25 NYC Gift Ideas for Food Lovers

Giving gifts to New Yorkers can be  tricky. With many people living in small spaces, no one wants  more stuff -- especially families with young children. If you have a holiday party coming up and are wondering what to buy the hosts and their kids, give them something they'll really appreciate: good food. Buying local is all the rage these days, and New York City is full of top-notch artisanal treats. Adults will thank you for not showing up with yet another toy, and little ones will love digging into homemade doughnuts, hand-twisted pretzels, or a few bars of dark chocolate. Many of the foods below can be shipped around the country, so you can bring a bit of the Big Apple to Grandma in Wisconsin, too.

Gift Ideas: 10 Experience Gifts for New York City Kids

Holidays are here and the last thing you need are more plastic dinosaurs or toys that need batteries. Time to re-think the gifts you give. Put a new spin on gift-giving this year and try to give non-tangible items such as lessons and special outings. Experience gifts teach your children the value of making memories. Added bonus: your holidays will be “greener” (something we all can put on our list of resolutions). You can even get your kids on board with this idea by suggesting ways they can give you experience gifts like cleaning the kitchen or a nice dinner alone.

Friday Round-up: Kids Night on Broadway, Money Help, Children's Books Reviews, More

If you're looking for some good reading to gobble up after Thanksgiving, here are some interesting tidbits: a great site for children's book reviews, tips on scoring cheap tickets through Kids Night on Broadway, a peek at the upcoming hot kid flick, my latest children's music recommendation, thoughts on dealing with kids and money and more. Set up a plate of leftovers and kick back.


5 Cool Cookbooks for Parents and Kids

Give your kids mac and cheese and they get a meal. Teach your kids to cook interesting things and hopefully they’ll make dinner when they’re teenagers. While looking through cookbooks for this round-up, I discovered that a lot of them are joint efforts between family members. It’s not surprising. I love sharing cooking tips and tricks with my food-forward 11-year-old son, and visa versa. He once pronounced a dish I’d made, salmon and vegetables in parchment, "Really good, but it would be better with capers." We tried it his way the next time. He was right. His first cookbook was one of the Roald Dahl Revolting Recipes cookbooks, and it remains a favorite to peruse and use. In that vein, we offer some additional cookbooks with an extra ingredient.

NJ Events November 27-28: Christmas Lights Spectacular, Recycling Thanksgiving Left-overs and an Unusual Book Signing!

Yeah, you might want to just lie around and digest that turkey, but why not haul yourself and the kiddos off the couch and head out to one of the many events New Jersey is offering up this weekend. There are plenty of it’s-almost-Christmas activities, plus some great interactive museum events and my personal favorite—“The Butt Book” book signing. Can’t miss that, now can you.


Mom's Night Out: Feeling Artsy?

I love Mom's Night Out.  It’s become a time for me and my friends to get out and try something new and different, most recently a painting class.  I am not exactly an artist, but the class made it easy to pretend I was, which was great fun.  We painted and sipped wine for a couple hours and got to walk out with our own masterpiece. So next time you leave the kiddos at home, perhaps consider letting your creative side loose for the night. From painting on canvas or pottery, to making jewelry or sewing a handbag, there are lots of drop-in art classes in NYC that are great for a Mom’s Night Out.  And don’t be intimidated, these are one time, no experience necessary, just have fun kind of experiences.

Holiday Traditions 2010: Christmas Department Store Windows Walk

Click here to see the amazing 2014 Department Store Holiday Windows.

Remember this: your children's holiday memories won't be about the toys they get under the tree, they're going to be about the wonderful holiday traditions that your family shared. One of these traditions should be going to see the department store holiday window displays. These festive holiday windows are a great way to get into the holiday spirit and this simply magical experience is completely free.


Lots of people like to do the Holiday Windows Walk on Christmas Eve, but it's also a great way to walk off your Thanksgiving turkey because the crowds tend to be smaller when the stores are closed (and before the RockefellerCenter tree is lit.) We've rounded up the best ones for kids plus some other great holiday stops to visit while you're in the neighborhood.

Is It That Time Already? Yup, Our Holiday Guide is Up!

Yes, it's that time already. The unstoppable express train that is the Holiday Season is upon us. I have actually been getting emails for a few weeks already from people looking for Holiday info. So, as much as I'd like to put it off, we've been busting out the Holiday posts earlier than ever so all you early planners can be prepared...and now our Holiday Guide is up, filled with everything you need to know to soak up the Holiday magic in New York City.


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