Hop Aboard the Easter Bunny Express: Train Rides for Kids Near Philly

Spring is in the air, and many of our scenic railroads are celebrating the season with Easter excursions. Families are invited to get outside after a long winter to enjoy a trip through the countryside with Peter Cottontail himself! We have rounded up several Easter-themed trains that will be running special events for kids in the Delaware Valley.

Some of these trains include an Easter Egg hunt at the halfway stop. It is helpful to check whether the railroad provides a photographer and charges for a picture with the Bunny or if you can bring your own camera.

These Easter Bunny Trains can be the start of a great family tradition to celebrate the Easter holiday and to welcome Spring!  Be sure to check our calendar for more fun spring events.

Down the Bunny Trail: Where To Pet Bunnies in LA and Orange County

Spring is springing and there is just something about the baby animals that come with this season: downy ducks, luscious lambies, and beautiful bouncy bunnies. Who among us does not love cuddling a rabbit, especially with Easter on the horizon? Talk about a cute photo op. If your kids love bunnies, we know a few places where they can go to meet them, hands on. A word to the Margaret Wise Browns: as anyone who has read The Runaway Bunny knows, bunnies are fast on their feet. These sly little puff balls can be here today and gone tomorrow; while all of the following places have bunnies today, it's a good idea to call first just in case it’s not hoppening tomorrow.

Zootopia Review: Adorable Animals and a Tale of Tolerance

If you have a child in your household, chances are Disney's animated romp Zootopia is on your must-see list. What kid can resist a movie about adorable, anthropomorphized animals? The good news for grown-ups is that these creatures, cute and cuddly as they are, are never cloying, and neither is the movie. Zootopia is a fast-paced and funny (or is that furry?) tale of tolerance—a buddy detective story that touches on timely societal issues and champions our ability to evolve and get along, regardless of what kind of mammals we are.

Not that young kids will care about most of that. They'll be too busy laughing at the adventures of Judy Hopps, the cosmopolitan city of Zootopia's first-ever bunny cop (voiced with perpetual optimism by Ginnifer Goodwin). Fate throws her together with Nick Wilde (the wonderful Jason Bateman), a fox con man who helps her crack the case of the missing predators. Although they dislike each other at first, they inevitably bond. These two have much more in common than they initially realize, including fighting against being stereotyped and childhoods scarred by taunting.

Those bullying flashbacks, especially Nick's, are two of the scariest scenes in the film, which is rated PG with good reason. Worried your preschooler might not be up for it? Here's what you need to know before you book tickets (or a babysitter), and whether it's worth splurging on IMAX 3D.

Weekend Fun for LI Kids: Irish Festival, World Wildlife Day, March 5-6

Catch a little green fever with the Irish Festival at Hofstra University or Irish step dancing at the Walt Whitman Birthplace. Families can also take in a live show such as Musical Adventures of Flat Stanley, Beauty and the Beast, The Boy Who Could be Captain Hook, Pinkalicious or Junie B. Jones the Musical. Want something more educational? Learn about extinct and endangered animal at the Center for Science Teaching and Learning on World Wildlife Day.

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Weekend Fun for Philly Kids: Flower Show, Paeopalooza Mar 5-6

Whether it is the iPad, WiiU, or XBox360, electronic devices entertain, educate, and occupy my children for hours (yes, hours) on any given weekend. Sometimes it can be challenging to pull kids away from technology play, but when they are unplugged, they realize the volume of options beyond Minecraft and Super Mario Bros. During this first weekend in March, take a break from electronics and experience something new and exciting.

There are nature experiences, science opportunities, history lessons, and cultural endeavors this weekend. The PHS Philadelphia Flower Show makes its annual debut. What better way to explore our country than visiting this annual show? This year's theme, Explore America, recognizes 100 year of The National Park Service. The Academy of Natural Science hosts Paleopalooza, its annual two-day festival in which children can discover the world of fossils through crafts, workshops, and scavenger hunts. Valley Forge National Historical Park helps kids learn about what it was like to be in the Continental Army. And, the Kimmel Center offers the opportunity to foster a love for music at its Yannick's Guide to the Orchestra event.

Read below for the rest of our top picks, and be sure to browse our Events Calendar to view the entire listing. Narrow down your selections by using the location, age, and tags categories. So, hide the kids' chargers, turn off the television, and go have some fun. The kids will thank you for it!

Weekend Fun for CT Kids: Pirates, Princesses, and Maple Syrup, March 5-6

Spring is in the air! Activities for St. Patrick's Day and even Easter are beginning all over the state, and there's the promise of temperatures in the 60s next week (even if there's a bit of snow to get through first). This is a fantastic weekend to explore the rich maple sugaring tradition in Connecticut (it's true--you don't have to go all the way to Vermont) with Maple Sugar festivals in Stamford, Plymouth, and Ansonia, as well as smaller maple events in New Canaan, Wilton, Redding, and Franklin.

However, if the lingering winter chill is leading you to seek out indoor activities, there are some terrific events on tap this weekend including performances by the Norwalk Symphony, the Russian National Ballet, the Shanghai Acrobats, and the Ballard Institute and Museum of Puppetry. There's also a terrific Pirates and Princesses promotion at the Maritime Aquarium that offers free admission to kids in costume on Saturday and Sunday, as well as special activities throughout the day!

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St. Patrick's Day for Long Island Kids and Families

It's time to celebrate the luck o' the Irish again--and Long Island has a variety of kid- and family-friendly St. Patrick's Day events where you can wear your best green attire and enjoy the holiday. From parades to parties, there's plenty of fun things to do, no matter what age you might be. Who knows? You may just find a pot of golden fun at the end of a rainbow.

And for other family-friendly activities, be sure to check out our Long Island Events Calendar.

Easter Bunny Photo Ops and Events: Where To Find the Bunny in LA & OC

Hippity hoppity, hippity hoppity: your kids might not want to sit still, but at least the Easter Bunny will! There are plenty of spots to line up the perfect Easter photo in LA and Orange County in the weeks leading up to Easter Sunday. We've lined up a whole Bunny Trail to hop down, ranging from mall photo-ops to outdoor egg hunts and spring festivals. Have fun catching up to Peter Cottontail in one of the following Southland locations...

Spring in Litchfield County: 10 Things To Do with Kids

It's spring, as we can see by the daffodils' bright yellow show. Litchfield County is known for its natural rural beauty, and these coming weeks will bring plenty of visual delight. This time of year I love to prune a few forsythia branches and bring them inside to enjoy the blooms up close. With the warmer weather, it's also a great time to get out and enjoy some nature-inspired activities with the kids. Here's a list of 10 things to do in Litchfield County this spring.

Sports Camps in New London County

My twins turn 8 this summer and we're embarking on our first foray into kid sports!  I'll admit, this Momma was not at all prepared for the idea of my kiddos competing in a sport of any kind, but I'll happily report the benefits of participating far outweigh any negatives.  Lucky for us, living in New London county, with our miles of coastline, a host of recreational areas and award winning facilities catering to a wide spectrum of sports and abilities, this area boasts a gold mine of summer sport camp options. Check out our Summer Camp Guide for even more fun ideas.


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