Independent Toy Stores in the Hartford Area

Toys can be found nearly everywhere these days - convenience stores, pharmacies, and groceries stores - but there is something really special about shopping at an independent toy store. Such places are characterized by personalized service from people who truly love toys and do not take their presence in the community for granted. Consider visiting these family-owned establishments in the Hartford area, which help sustain local communities and guarantee places where your children's names and preferences are remembered.

NYC Parenting Groups: Meet Other Local Moms and Dads

Finding the right parenting group can give you an instant social network to share the trials and tribulations of parenthood, especially as a new parent. Some mom groups plan events and get-togethers, some offer seminars and discussions and even classifieds where you can swap and sell baby gear, while others are just a place to connect with like-minded people.

We've pulled together a sampling of some of the city’s best neighborhood and citywide groups for moms and dads of every stripe. Frankly, there are so many great ones, we had a hard time whittling down the list. Read on for more details, and be sure to check out our NYC Baby Guide for more ideas for exploring and enjoying NYC from pregnancy to preschool.

15 Things We Can’t Wait to do this Spring

Spring is here, which means the days of being stuck inside the house because of cold temps and snow will soon be a thing of the past. Instead, the warmer weather will bring a slew of opportunities for fun activities that the entire family can enjoy together. So get your sunglasses and sunscreen ready because we’ve come up with 15 things we can’t wait to do this season. And for more ideas, be sure to check out our Spring Fun Guide.

Cloth Diaper Services, Classes and Tryouts for NYC Families

Cloth diapers for babies have come a long way. Besides the washing and care of cloth diapers, one of the biggest stumbling blocks for cloth diaper newbies is the enormous number of options: snap or Velcro closures, wool or fleece covers, pre-fold, contour or fitted diaper inserts? So we’ve rounded up great resources for NYC families interested in exploring this eco-friendly alternative to disposable diapers, including informational classes and even a support group.

We're also including information on two of the city's most parent-loved cloth diaper wash-and-fold delivery services, because so many NYC families live without a washer or dryer. Not sure which style or brand of cloth diaper is right for your little one? We found online stores that offer trial deals where you get to sample the wares before settling on the perfect fit. 

Looking for more baby services or classes in NYC? Check out our Baby Guide loaded with parent tips, or search the directory for something specific.

Weekday Picks for LI Kids: Egg Hunt, Purim, March 21-25

This week, visit the Easter Bunny and hunt for eggs at Wood Kingdom or head over to Barnes & Noble in Manhasset to celebrate Purim. There's also scrapbooking at Key to My Art, as well as a live performance of The Wizard of Oz in Bellmore. For more, check out our Long Island events calendar. You can also get the best events of the week sent directly to your inbox each week if you sign up for our newsletter.

21 Signs You Have a NYC Toddler

Let's be honest. Raising a toddler is a handful, but raising a NYC toddler comes with its own unique challenges—and rewards—like trying to carry their tantruming little bodies up the subway stairs, but knowing they'll come out of it with some awesome values. It also means they develop some pretty distinctive NYC habits at an early age. Watching a toddler in NYC is both hilarious and hilariously frustrating, because they’re right at a crucial development phase in terms of language, basic skills and learning—and they’re doing it on full display of your building, block or, basically, the entire city.

Does your tyke display these quintessential NYC kid quirks?

Best Birthday Party Places for Boston Babies

Deciding where to have your baby’s first (or second) birthday is a big deal. Having a party at home isn’t always an option—sometimes your living space doesn’t allow for large gatherings or you just want someone else to do the heavy lifting. Luckily there are several no-hassle options in the Boston area for making your baby’s birthday party unforgettable. And if you’re looking for more birthday party ideas, perhaps for an older child, be sure to check out Mommy Poppins Boston's Birthday Party Guide.

11 Postnatal Workout Classes for NYC Moms

Getting back into shape after having a baby can be daunting. But we know exercise gives us more energy, encourages a positive body image and just seems to make us feel better. Don't know where to start? A postnatal exercise class geared toward new moms is a great way to get motivated, meet other new moms and learn what exercises will help you look like your old self (or better).

We've rounded up 11 postnatal exercise classes in New York City that address the needs of your new body. Many are baby-friendly and some are just starting up again for the spring season, offering free or discounted trial classes. As with any new exercise program, check with your doctor for the go-ahead. Information is as of March 2016.

Check the Mommy Poppins Baby and Maternity Guide for more new mom city info.

Weekday Picks: St. Patrick's Day, Yummy Treats, March 14-18

Celebrate St. Patrick's Day with parties at both Once Upon a Treetop and Le Play Cafe. Families can also play video games at the Cradle of Aviation, make some yummy treats at Chocolate Works and Long Island Children's Museum. For more, check out our Long Island events calendar. You can also get the best events of the week sent directly to your inbox each week if you sign up for our newsletter.


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