Storm King Art Center: New Windsor's Outdoor Art Gallery for Families

We are so fortunate to live in an area rich with art and history, and when you're looking for something new to explore, New York City is just a train ride away. Although I love finding ways to infuse culture into my boys' lives, taking them to a museum not specifically designed for children is not my idea of a good time. At 4 and 8 years old, they're loud, and their attention span and ability to stay quiet and calm while exploring exhibitions is (understandably) limited.

So when I first learned about Storm King Art Center, an outdoor art exhibition space in New Windsor, it seemed like the ideal way to enjoy art and creativity with my boys—without unreasonable expectations. While Storm King bills itself as a place for children of all ages, is it really an ideal outing for younger kids? We recently visited and have details and tips to help you make the most of your visit. 

Baby Gear Rental Places for LI Families in the Hamptons & North Fork

Your toddler is crying in the back seat. Your pre-teen is wondering “how long till we’re there?” Amid the traffic jams and other traveling nightmares that can turn a Hamptons summer into a two-month migraine, there’s one bit of good news: Packing, especially packing for baby, might be a thing of the past.

At least five companies in and around eastern Long Island offer full-service baby gear rentals, minimizing (for a price) the anxiety parents feel as house rental month draws near. There’s also peace of mind in knowing that a full-size crib is available for baby and not the pack-and-plays or portable cribs popular in area hotels and B and Bs.

From strollers to high chairs, car seats and beach equipment, these companies meet almost every imaginable infant necessity. In a pinch, some will even set up the equipment for you. Most ask only that the merchandise — usually certified safe — be returned clean and in delivery condition.

And for more seasonal essentials, be sure to check out our Hamptons and North Fork Family Guide.

Weekday Event Picks for NJ Kids: Baby Parade, Kiddie Beach Show, July 27-31

The Jersey shore is the place to be mid-summer. This week is loaded with beach-y fun, including the Kiddie Beach Show, Wildwoods Baby Parade and the Manasquan Fireman's Fair. Catch family-friendly flicks this week at Garden State Discovery Museum's Movie Monday and Rahway's Summer Movies on the Plaza. And don’t forget to check out our Event Calendar for even more options!

Weekday Event Picks for LA Kids: Special Olympics & a Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious Week, July 27-31

The Special Olympics continue this week at multiple venues. You can celebrate these gifted athletes any day this week by checking out one of their events, all of which are free.

Los Angeles lives up to its reputation as entertainment capital during the summer months in particular, when movies and music play indoors and out. And there’s the weather: while many of us may have been shell shocked by last week’s rain in July (really, after the garage sale was all set up?), the weather has been otherwise glorious. This week should be a perfect one for splashing at the Annenberg, checking out the surfers in the South Bay, enjoying an outdoor concert in the Marina, or stargazing at the Garvey Observatory. Let’s not knock the rain, though, and let’s certainly not assume that the drought is over. We still have a long way to go before our parched state quenches its thirst. So while we are all crossing fingers for rain, and making plans to be outdoors most of the summer, let's not forget that Mommy Poppins also has a handy guide to indoor activities, for days when it is too hot, too cold, or even too wet to be outside.

Be sure to check out our Event Calendar for more free and discounted activities; here are our five favorites for the week.

Arts & Crafts Birthday Parties in CT (Fairfield County)

Whether your kid bedazzles like a future Betsey Johnson or just likes to make a mess with paint, glue or glitter, there's an artistic option out there for his or her next birthday party.  Yes, I said his.  Pottery is obviously gender-neutral, but even some of the others on our list consider the fact that boys have a right-brain, too.  Add in the fact that arts & crafts-based parties have built-in party favors, and something to focus that boundless energy on... just add cake and WHA-LAH!! For more fun party ideas check out our Party Guide! Here's some fun in Fairfield County.

Weekday Picks for Connecticut Kids: Ice Cream, 4-H Fair & Mad Science, July 27 - 31

We've made it through July and now the summer is just getting into full swing! Below is just a sampling of the many great activities you’ll find in our Event Calendar. There are so many family-friendly concerts and free movies during the week. We especially love the idea of having an ice cream sundae on the Mark Twain House patio.
Read on for our top picks for weekday fun with kids.

Weekday Picks for Boston Kids: Blue Moon and Superheroes, July 27-31

After the exciting Pluto flyby of the New Horizons mission, kids who've become more interested in astronomy will be delighted to know that there are plenty of other space-related activities they can catch over the summer. Not only does the Museum of Science host Astronomy After Hours every Friday, but this particular Friday night, a blue moon lights up the sky with some fun events to celebrate.

Here on Earth, I also love seeing all the great reading-list activities and family-friendly concerts during the week. On top of that, this Thursday marks the much-anticipated Grand Opening of the Boston Public Market – hurray! 

Weekday Picks for LI Kids: Live Music, Minion Art, Puppet Show, July 27-31

Enjoy the last days of July with a host of family-friendly events. Some of the fun includes a live concert, Minion-inspired art and a puppet show. But that's just the beginning--our event calendar is filled with activities that the kids will love, so be sure to soak up every last drop of summer!

For more ideas on how to enjoy the season on Long Island, check out our Summer Fun Guide. And if you're spending any time on the East End, visit our Hamptons & North Fork Family Guide.


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