June GoList: Best Things To Do with LA and OC Kids This Month

School lets out early these days, which means all the weekends of June count as summer—and LA has the festivals to fill them. Free summer concerts are already gearing up and rockin' the Southland; the beaches are hopping, and the water parks and splash pads are open. If you're ready to start your summer with the dozen biggest, most once-a-year-ish events happening in June, then read on. We'll continue to send our roundup of weekend picks each Thursday, of course, and we'll keep adding to our Event Calendar daily; but consider yourself on notice for these June favorites.

June GoList: Best Things To Do in Westchester with Kids

June brings lots of outdoor fun to Westchester with cultural celebrations, fairs and festivals throughout the county. One of the most beloved is the annual Hudson Clearwater Revival, a two-day concert that raises awareness about the need for environmental protection. You can also enjoy international culture and cuisine at the Greek Food Festival and the Ukrainian Heritage Festival, or journey back in time at Colonial Day.

A pair of museums are offering exhibit-related fun with a Family Day and a Summer Family Festival. You can also while away an evening at the annual Summer Solstice Celebration.

These are just a few of our top picks for June. Get your calendars ready and read on for all our best bets for the month. If you're looking for even more options, check our Event Calendar and sign up for our FREE newsletters.

10 Tips for Traveling Overseas with a Kid with Type 1 Diabetes

My friend Sara’s 12-year-old son has type 1 diabetes. It’s been amazing to watch how the diagnosis has changed their lives—and how it hasn’t. Sara is one of the most organized and on-top-of-it moms I know, and I am constantly awed by how she and her husband handle the challenges of managing their son’s condition. Last summer, their family took a four-week trip to Europe and completed the journey with no major bumps. I'm sure there are other parents out there who can benefit from Sara’s experience planning, researching and managing a major family vacation in a foreign country with a child with type 1 diabetes.

Here’s Sara’s story:

50 Ways To Cool Off in NYC with Kids This Summer

Even when it's too hot for me, I find that my daughter can usually take the heat—unlike me she's young, skinny and full of energy. But this summer with temperatures in the 80s with high humidity for days on end, even she's starting to sweat. These days whenever I suggest an outing, my kid insists that our destination have lots of water, industrial-strength air conditioning or sweet frozen treats.

While we enjoy hitting our local public pool and running around the sprinklers (oh yes, I get in there too), lately we've been longing for more diverse destinations. That inspired us to round up our favorite ways to cool off in New York City. Our list includes a variety of destinations (some are brand-new) including outdoor spots like extra-special water playgrounds, awesome pools and splashy boat rides, and indoor havens such as kid-friendly museums and public atriums. Many of our suggestions are FREE and we even included exceptional frozen treat spots so you can indulge in ice cream or pops. So strike while the weather's hot: Here are our top 50 ways to cool off with kids in NYC this summer.

Best Kid-Friendly Restaurants in Warwick

During our month-long focus on Warwick, we've explored our favorite things to do with kids in the area, as well as our top places for indoor and outdoor play. We wrap up our coverage with a roundup of family-friendly restaurants in town.

Warwick has a plethora of eateries, ranging from fast-food chains to higher-end options like Chateau Hathorn. Most of our picks fall somewhere in the middle, and all of them are kid- and parent-approved by my family!

Fascia's Chocolates Factory Tours Show Kids the Sweet Life in New Haven County

Wish you could visit a chocolate factory, make your own candy bar, and then burn off those calories at a nearby amusement park? You don’t need to drive to Hershey, PA for this kind of adventure. Just head on over to Fascia's Chocolates in Waterbury. This New Haven County family-owned business has been making life sweet in Connecticut for the past 50 years.

June GoList: Best Things To Do with CT Kids This Month

The first month of summer brings all sorts of outdoor amusements, and we've rounded up the absolute best things to do in June so that you won't miss out. Highlights include lots of festivals, a pirate's treasure hunt and a butterfly party. Of course our Summer Fun Guide is a terrific resource for family fun, too!

Remember, our GoList focuses on free or inexpensive events that are worth your time and money. Since we know our readers live all over the state, we've tried to include the top picks in each region. Here are our 12 favorite things to do with kids in Connecticut this June. Have fun planning!

LA Summer Camps with Availability — Yes, Even Now!

How stressful is the end of the school year? Let me count the ways. Oh sure, there's the silver lining coming of not having to drive to school or argue about homework for 10 blissful weeks; but blissful loses its luster pretty quickly in the face of, "What are we going to do today?"—particularly if you already know that what YOU need to do doesn't involve sprinklers or beaches. We know we should have figured out summer camp by now, really we do. We have a stack of flyers for neat-o programs that are probably filled up already with kids whose parents got on this weeks ago.

Summer vacation may be staring you in the face, but there's no need to panic; all of the camps listed below still have availability as of this publish date. Some of the programs even allow families to book by the day, for ultimate spontaneity. After all, you have to leave some time to bum around doing the fun things in our Summer Guide.


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