Father's Day Weekend in NJ: Trains, Fishing, Ponies, Berries

Time to celebrate that special guy in your life, whether it's dad, grandpa or another person you hold near and dear! New Jersey is always bursting with fun during the month of June and Father's Day weekend is no exception. Celebrate dad with a Father's Day necktie craft at Imagine That! Children's Museum, a Father's Day Excursion Train Ride at Whippany Railway Museum or the Freshwater Fishing Derby for the whole gang at Turkey Swamp Park. For more family fun, round up the troops for the Strawberry Harvest Festival at Alstede farms, the Pony Up! Festival at the United States Equestrian Headquarters or bring your blankets and cozy up during an outdoor Play in the Park performance of The Little Mermaid.

For more options, take a look at our full Event CalendarJune GoList, and our Summer Fun Guide.

Best Spray Parks and Water Fountains for Preschoolers in Boston

Boston has a lot of cool fountains that can be great fun for families in summer. But I've learned the hard way that not every fountain is suited for preschoolers. 

A few years back, when one of my sons was 4, I took him and his brothers to the Christian Science Plaza fountain along Huntington Avenue. To me as a parent, it was a wise selection: awesome fountain, I didn't have to walk far from the parking spot, and bathrooms were nearby in the Prudential Center. But my 4-year-old kid was horrified by the fountain and how big it was. It took him a half hour to even wander up to the where the water shot out of the ground, and soon after he got soaked and was freezing. It was not the best choice for a young child. 

With that thinking in mind, here are some gentler, preschooler-friendly fountains and spray parks in Boston:

Best Outdoor Dining in Brooklyn: 10 Kid-Friendly Restaurants with Backyards

Brooklyn boasts its share of restaurants with sidewalk tables, but those of us with kids enjoy those eateries with more spacious outdoor dining seats. A backyard, picnic tables, or sometimes even a bit of grass? We're sold!

Just in time for summer, we've rounded up 10 of our favorite spots from across Brooklyn that feature spacious backyards, gardens, patios, or roof decks. These places serve delicious food and welcome families with children. If you're in the mood for variety, we've included a mix of cuisines: Japanese, Mexican, Cuban, Southern comfort and of course, pizza and New American.  

Headed to Queens? We rounded up our top 10 outdoor eateries in our sister borough, too. 

Free Outdoor Summer Movies for NJ Families

Not only is watching movies under the stars a wonderful way for the family to bond, but how cool is it to watch your favorite flicks outside at no cost? Below is a list of parks in New Jersey that show outdoor movies all summer long. So bring your own chairs, munchies and blankets, and savor the magic of FREE alfresco films. For more summer awesomeness, check out our Summer Fun Guide.

10 Family Road Trips Under 10 Hours Away

Taking a vacation with kids can be tricky, especially when it comes to traveling. Flying can be stressful and expensive, and if you're anything like me, it may be your least favorite mode of transportation even without kids. Sometimes, half the fun and adventure of the vacation can be getting there! Road trips can be a great way to bond with your family, so we've rounded up a few awesome places that are less than a 10 hour drive from Philly. As an added bonus, you can travel to a few of these places by train, too!

4th of July Fireworks on Long Island

Break out your red, white and blue garb, and get ready to wave that grand old flag. Fourth of July weekend is a time when families across Long Island gather for picnics, barbecues and, of course, fireworks. We've rounded up Independence Day fireworks on Long Island taking place on the holiday weekend, as well as the weekends before and after. And for more kid-friendly activities, be sure to check out our Summer Fun Guide and our Event Calendar.

10 Best Summer Festivals for Boston Families

Summer is finally here and there’s no better time to get outside with the kids than right now. Whether you’re headed to the beach or going on a picnic, outdoor fun abounds during this season. And one of the best ways to soak it up is at Boston’s many summer festivals. The 10 listed here are all super kid-friendly and absolutely perfect for beautiful summer days.


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