5 NYC Playgrounds with Artwork by Famous Artists: Awesome Kid Photo Ops

New York City overflows with art. From world-class museums to offbeat public art installations, you can find creativity all around town. But there's one place you might not think to look: the playground. Turns out a handful of famous NYC artists designed permanent play structures and murals for some local playgrounds. While I'll admit they're not necessarily active play destinations, these romping spots are definitely worth a visit if you want to snap a few amazing, only-in-NYC pics of your kid in front of works by the likes of late graffiti great Keith Haring and sculptor Tom Otterness.

25 Things We Are Excited To Do with Philly Kids This Summer

After the cold winter we experienced in the Delaware Valley, it seems everyone is ready for summer. Longer days and homework-free nights mean plenty of time for fun in the sun. We can't wait to check out all the new museum exhibits, relax at the shore and just chill out in the backyard.

We've rounded up the top 25 things we're most excited to do with the family this summer. With so many engaging activities to squeeze in between Memorial Day and Labor Day, you'll never hear the kids complain they're bored!

Music Under the Stars in West Point: Kid-Friendly Summer Concert Series for Westchester Families

Outdoor concerts are one of the surest signs that summer has arrived. For our family, West Point’s Music Under the Stars series at Trophy Point is a summer night non-negotiatble. Set on a small point of land extending out into the Hudson, these FREE pack-a-picnic events are a full sensory experience. The music, played by the Unite States Military Academy's West Point Band, is always amazing, the view overlooking Cold Spring is breathtaking as the sun sets, and a breezy wind cools off the point on even the hottest evenings.

25 Things We Can't Wait To Do with Kids This Summer in NJ

Are you ready for summer, New Jersey? If you're like me, you've probably had the season on the brain since January. In a few short weeks, those dreams of beaches, swimming and festivals galore will finally become a reality. The celebrated Jersey Shore, among other warm-weather destinations, make the Garden State the place to be this summer. So get out your calendars, and take note of all the adventures that await your family in NJ this summer.

25 Free (or Nearly Free) Summer Concert Series for Families in Fairfield County

One of my favorite things about summer in Fairfield County is the plethora of outdoor concerts at local beaches, parks, and playgrounds—most of them absolutely free. There is music for all ages and tastes, whether you're hoping to catch an American Idol champion or create your own music. As my family discovered last summer, the rise of the food truck means that many of these venues also offer fantastic eats for purchase on-site.

A few tips: not every concert listed here is specifically intended for children, so be sure to check the lineups to determine whether the acts are appropriate for your family. Also, while many concerts are billed as free admission, some (particularly those at beaches) involve a parking fee. Finally, concerts are frequently canceled, postponed, or relocated due to bad weather. Before heading out, be sure to check the concert's official website to confirm it's still happening as scheduled.

Kids' Craft: Easy No-Wax Batik

I love batik. Or I should say, I love the way batik looks, and I love the idea of making batik, but actual batik is really hard, meticulous and, frankly, kind of tedious to do. I've been looking for a simpler way to make batik and recently shared these batik-style card designs. I think they turned out great, but they are only paper simulations of batik.

But I finally found an easy batik method. Do you know Design Mom? Blogger Gabrielle Blair is one of those people who makes you wonder, "How does she do it?" She is somehow managing to raise six children, run her super website and make everything seem beautiful, graceful and balanced. Luckily for us, she has just wrapped all that beauty and wisdom into her new book, Design Mom: How to Live with Kids: A Room-by-Room Guide.

What I love about this book is that it isn't just about home design. The lovely Gabby shares many of her family's traditions and ways they make living with kids work. These are my favorite parts of the book, and that's right where I found my easy batik technique.

I've adapted Gabrielle's method a bit to make it even simpler so that a little kid can do it. You can literally use this technique on any piece of cotton fabric; we did T-shirts and tote bags.

Free Things to Do This Summer with Kids in the Hartford Area

100 days of summer go by fast and parents spend most of their children's summer vacation looking for ways to keep them active, engaged, and entertained. We know you will likely spend time relaxing at the beach, discovering new playgrounds or best selling books, checking out the latest museum exhibits, or lounging by a pool in a backyard or at an amusement park. For all the other moments when children declare that there is nothing to do, here are a few ways to prove them wrong. And even better -- most of the summer activities and events are FREE! Enjoy the sunshine, time with your children, and the savings. 

NYC Doughnut Crawl: 8 Great Shops to Indulge Your Sweet Tooth with Kids

As a bona fide foodie, I love going on culinary adventures in NYC. My picky 10-year-old? Not so much. There is no way he would ever hoof it through Queens sampling an array of ethnic eats like Anna and her family recently did. A doughnut crawl, however, was a much easier sell! After all, doughnuts are the new cupcakes, with shops ranging from been-there-forever classics to hot new hipster hangouts in far-flung corners of Manhattan and Brooklyn.

Armed with a well-researched list of doughnut shops and a MetroCard, my son, his pal and I set out to sample the city's best rings of fried deliciousness. We hoped to visit eight shops, yet our goal was bigger than our stomachs. Still, we had a ball trying and will definitely attempt part two soon!

So embrace your inner Homer Simpson and read on to see where we went and how to plan your own doughnut crawl with your family.


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