Weekday Picks for Westchester Kids: Cupcake Wars, Night Time Arts and More, Mar. 16-20

Looking for fun things to do this week in Westchester with your kids? Look no further, as our weekday roundup showcases our favorite events happening each day of the week!

Our top picks for this week happen to fall into two categories: arts-and-crafts and entertainment. If you’re looking to bring out the creative side of your kids, you can go either the Picasso route with Night Time Arts or the Ace of Cakes route with Cupcake Wars. For entertainment, one of several options is to venture back to the ‘80s (leg warmers and all) with OMG I Love That Movie! Film Series.

But don’t stop there: Read on for the rest and click through to our Events Calendar for more great activities happening this week and beyond. Plus, our March GoList highlights our top picks for the rest of the month and you can sign up for our FREE newsletters to get it all in your inbox!

Weekday Picks for Boston Kids: St. Patty, Puppets & More, March 16-20

This week opens with the last few events to celebrate St. Patrick's Day, including a free concert in Jamaica Plain and a St. Patty's Day Party for kids in South Boston.

The next celebration on the calendar is the official end of winter, and we'll take it! Most Bostonians won't be sad to see winter go this year, but there's still time to enjoy its last days by taking the kids snowshoeing or sledding while the last piles of snow linger on the ground.

Perfect for kids, Shadows Around the World and Shrek: The Musical open this week. On top of that, don't forget the Museum of Science hosts Free Film Fridays every Friday in March. Read on for our picks of the week, and don't forget to check out the full events calendar!

Weekday Event Picks for NYC Kids: Free Fun & Treats, St. Patrick's Day March 16-20

Erin go Bragh! Tuesday is St. Patrick's Day and you can celebrate at the largest and oldest parade in the country. Plus, score some no-cost sweets, explore neuroscience and more. Bonus: All of this week's event picks are 100% FREE.

Although we only highlight one event per day in this post, you can find plenty of other options in our Event Calendar.

Spring Deals: Save Big on Gardening & Music Lessons, Kids' Shows, Parties & More

The sun is shining, the snow has melted and New York City finally seems to be easing into spring. All of this warm weather has got us thinking about getting outside for some fun, like working in a garden or enjoying a round of tennis. Happily, our sponsors are offering great deals for both! And when the inevitable April showers cloud the horizon, take advantage of these deals on indoor music lessons, live theater, birthday parties and more.

Classical Music Camps in Fairfield County

Since keeping music in schools -- in the most basic way -- has become something of a battle, fostering talent may sadly be the furthest thing from educators' minds.  If you're kiddo practices that violin daily, doesn't cringe when Mozart cues up on the iTunes playlist, and -- bonus! -- actually knows who Mozart is, you might be craning around for a classical music camp this summer.  Crane no more.  We've searched and found a handful in Fairfield County -- mostly intense, but all remembering to balance the music instruction with a good time.  If you need more ideas for an all-around artsy type, you may want to round out your summer camp search at upcoming Summer Camp Open Houses in Connecticut or by skimming our Summer Camp Guide.

Passover Events for Kids and Families in the Boston Area

While some kids can think of nothing but Easter bunnies and scrambling to fill their baskets with eggs this time of year, children who celebrate Passover have plenty of ways to mark the holiday. Even some of the youngest members of the family can participate in Passover celebrations in a meaningful way. 

Through stories, music and hands-on activities hosted by Boston-area organizations, children learn about the history and traditions of Passover. 

Mark Twain House Welcomes Young Visitors

Living in New England, we are privileged to dwell in the birthplace of American literature. As Hartford County residents, my family and I enjoy close proximity to the home of one of the most entertaining literary voices: Mark Twain. Though lavishly designed and furnished, his Hartford mansion is a place where children were obviously comfortable, as are today’s young visitors. It might also spark (or strengthen) a lifelong love of reading. This is a museum worth visiting.


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