Weekend Fun for LI Kids in the Hamptons & North Fork, July 24-26

It’s late July on the East End of Long Island and the natural world is on full display. North Fork or South, families eager to experience nature’s pageantry will find no shortage of opportunities. From beach walks to nature hikes and bike rides, it’s all about the environment this week as the East End readies itself for the last complete month of summer.

But rest assured, those not inclined to follow nature’s instincts will find plenty to do this weekend as well. On the North Fork, there are theater productions and music fairs; on the South Fork, carnivals, sports and music. And for even more happening in the area, check out our Hamptons and North Fork Family Guide.

7 Interactive Online Summer Camps: Google, iD Tech and DIY

Maybe we all hope that our kids will spend the summer mostly outdoors, but let's be honest: they're going to find their way to the computer or phone from time to time. So why not make the most of screen time by signing them up with an online summer camp from the likes of Google? Or how about a Maker Camp run by a former Pixar staffer?

There are a number of reputable online camps available to get kids excited about STEM topics or to dive into other offline, DIY experiments that can help to bridge that gap between June and September.

My 9-year-old son put several online camps to the test and excitedly waited to sign on each day to see what challenge awaited. Check out these seven virtual camps—some of them free!—and let your kids get a little extra summer learning in at their own pace.

Kid-Approved Rockaway Beach Restaurants

Finding a kid-friendly restaurant isn't always easy when traveling or just hanging out in an unfamiliar neighborhood, but Queens' Rockaway dishes up plenty of options. You'll find the typical beach fare of hot dogs and burgers aplenty, but the area is also gaining a reputation with foodies for its more adventurous eats.

We continue our month-long spotlight on Rockaway with a roundup of the 10 best places to eat in the neighborhood with kids, all taste tested by my children. So pack an appetite along with that bathing suit!

Ten Great NJ Activities To Do During Your Baby's First Summer

If you're a new mom, you've probably noticed that the "lazy days of summer" aren't quite as relaxing as they once were. Beach bags stocked with little more than sunscreen and a good book have been replaced with wagons full of swim diapers and baby gear. Finding things to do that are fun for both mom and baby on a hot, sticky summer day can be tough. Luckily, we've come up with a list of great activities that will make your babies first summer a memorable one.

Sensory Savvy Snacks Help Kids Do Better in School

What kids eat is very important and having the right snack can actually improve a child's ability to learn. Our school occupational therapy consultant, Casey Halper, put together a list of sensory smart snacks just in time for back to school. That means that they are snacks that help kids stay alert and focused in school without making them hyper and restless. These are great snack ideas for children in school, but would be equally great snack choices for toddlers too. Some of the themes for healthy sensory snacks are:

  • Crunchy and chewy foods help make kids more alert by engaging their senses.
  • Sipping or sucking can help organize and calm children.
  • And of course fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains and calcium rich foods make them healthy overall.

Try These Sensory Smart Snacks:

12 Favorite Ice Cream and Frozen Yogurt Spots in and Around Boston

We thought we’d take advantage of some free time this summer and make our own ice cream. After all, how tough could it be? But by the time we had Googled a recipe (found plenty that did not require a machine) and made a list of ingredients we needed, the enthusiasm had waned, and we decided it would probably be best if we left the ice cream making to our favorite ice cream shop and enjoy the fruits of their labor!

From good quality ice cream chains founded right here in New England to one-of-a-kind specialty shops, there are plenty of places for Boston families to satisfy that need for something cold and sweet to beat the heat. Read on to find some of our favorite ice cream and frozen yogurt experiences.

Must-See Outdoor Art: 9 Exhibits Kids Will Love

Those seeking alfresco art have plenty of options to choose from this summer as a slew of brand-new, kid-friendly displays just debuted in New York City.

So skip the indoors, and make the city's parks and streets your summer museum while you check out these nine public works of art, including a giant Hello Kitty and a cheerful canopy of colorful umbrellas. Our list includes uptown and downtown spots, Times Square, Brooklyn, Governors Island and the Bronx.

Find even more outdoor public art in New York in our earlier list of spring debuts.

Water Fun for Westchester Kids: Pools, Splash Pads & Lazy Rivers

Summer is heating up--which probably means you're looking for ways to cool down. If you're searching for more than just a sprinkler in the backyard, check out one of Westchester's stunning community parks. Many local parks and playgrounds have elaborate water features that rival the best amusement parks around. From lazy rivers to splash pads and wave pools, the county parks system is a water lover's paradise--and all wonderfully close to home!

Read on for the scoop on this summer's must-visit locales, including everything you need to know about Westchester County's park pass and how to get one--then get the bathing suits and sunblock ready!


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