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Introducing the New Mommy Poppins Web and Mobile Site

If you’ve visited Mommy Poppins in the last week, you’ve probably noticed that we have a brand-new website. We hope you like it! Our new site is designed to offer a better mobile experience, as well as a less cluttered design and easier navigation. Since the launch, we’ve been getting great feedback from readers and have been fixing some initial bugs and making more improvements. We wanted to take a moment to show you around the site and highlight some of the new features.

8 Favorite Family Skiing Spots Near NYC

Now that winter has finally arrived, it's time to embrace the chill. We've rounded up some of the best skiing and snowboarding spots within a few hours drive of the city.

A winter sport like skiing is great way to get outdoors as a family, rather than wallowing indoors all season long. It'll make the warm weather come that much sooner! Read on for our rundown on these local slopes, so you can pick one that matches your kids' skill levels and interests. Want info on more family skiing and other snow sports? Check out our Ski Guide, covering the tristate area, New England and even California. 

Happy skiing!

Best Sledding Hills Across New York City

The best thing about a snow day from school is the sledding of course! Hit these neighborhood hills across New York City for some wintertime fun with the kids.

We asked our readers, family and Mommy Poppins writers and editors for their top recommendations of sledding hills across the five boroughs to compile this list, but please let us know of your favorite spots in the comments.

Not sure if school is on or off? Read our post on how to know if the snow has canceled class or not.

10 New York Values NYC Kids Could Teach Ted Cruz

Last week Ted Cruz accused the Queens-born Donald Trump of having “New York values” and the Internet went crazy. He meant it as an insult. Senator Cruz seems to think that New York is made up of a homogenous type of person who is ultra-liberal, uber-rich and values wealth above all else. Maybe he’s never been to New York.

As parents raising our kids in NYC, we have to admit we agree with one part of the GOP presidential hopeful's sentiment: New Yorkers are different from others. We won't dispute you there, sir. But here's what you missed. One of the big draws to raising kids in New York City is that they will possess New York values.

We can count many more, but here are 10 values every NYC kid has that maybe Ted Cruz could take a note on.

Free Times at NYC Museums: When to Visit at No Cost

Many of New York City's top museums, zoos, gardens and cultural institutions offer FREE or reduced admission on certain nights, days or hours at least once a month—a city perk that no busy parent should miss out on! Plus, many of the "grown-up" museums let kids in for free year-round.

It can be hard to keep track of when and where these freebies are available, so we've compiled an exhaustive list of 2016 reduced or FREE admission days at all of your favorite NYC cultural spots from The Bronx Zoo to the Brooklyn Children's Museum. 

As always, you can check our Event Calendar for more budget-friendly kid activities every day or peruse our Free in NYC Guide. Try our Museum Guide for more on the latest kid-friendly art in NYC.

Baby Gym: Activities You Can Do With Infants at Home

Susan Izatt is an Early Childhood, Infant and Toddler Development expert and the Director and Co-founder of now-closed MoonSoup Early Childhood Studio. With years of experience playing with and teaching babies, Susan certainly knows how to get babies moving and make it fun. She agreed to share some activity ideas that parents can easily do at home with their babies excerpted from her upcoming book New Moms & First Time Dads. Thanks, Susan!

School Closings: How to Know If It's a Snow Day in New York City

How do you find out if your kid's New York City school is closed, because of the snow? While NYC public schools rarely close, private schools and nursery schools close frequently and it's important to know whether your child's school will be open before you head out the door. (Calling might not work if the administrators stayed home!)

Here are the best resources for finding out if New York City schools are closing for a snow day, as well as ideas for what to do in the event of snowmageddon, like NYC's Top Sledding Hills and 40 Snow Day Boredom Busters to do indoors.

City Bakery Hot Chocolate Festival 2016

It's February and that means it's time for City Bakery's annual Hot Chocolate Festival. For every day in February, the popular Flatiron eatery City Bakery will be spicing up its delicious cocoa with a different flavor. And since it's a Leap Year, that's 29 days of hot chocolates that need to be sampled.

City Bakery is already a kid-friendly spot, but it's also nearby the wonderful Books of Wonder and lots of other family attractions in Flatiron like the Lego Store, the recently opened Dylan's Candy Bar and of course the Union Square Playground that it makes for a great winter outing. Maybe hit of the new MoMath Beaver Run exhibit pre- or post-hot cocoa? 

Looking for more to do this month? Read our February GoList for great NYC family events all month.


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